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Plants make life better and so do we.

Who is Plantscaping and what does that have to do with Moss Greenhouses?

Plantscaping is a local interiorscaping company that is ran by Debra Rydalch who is better know as the PlantLady. She loves plants as much as Moss’s does. Her company installs and maintains interior plants in commercial and residential properties throughout the Magic Valley. Also, her crew does an amazing job with several exterior landscapes you can see throughout the community. They specialize in making plants work for you in your workspace to increase the quality of the workspace as well as the productivity of your employees. Plantscaping brings a unique service to the Magic Valley that all of her clients value and show incredible loyalty to her brand and services.

Now what does this have to do with Moss Greenhouses? Besides we both love plants….everything! Debra and Plantscaping had hit a point that they really were finding a need for growing space and room for expansion. That is when the magic began for both of us! On April 1, 2015, we were pleased to announce that we have MERGED! With the addition of Plantscaping to the Moss Greenhouses campus, we are able to diversify our offerings to our customers. For Plantscaping, she is now able to grow and expand and in turn, be able to meet the needs of growing business and more resources to meet her clients needs. Both of our companies value quality product, excellent customer service and integrity above all. We are both very excited about the change and look forward to working together.

Any questions or inquiry, please call (208)731-0727 or email the PlantLady@mossgreenhouses.com .