Do we supply Landscapers?

Why yes, we DO!

How do you qualify as a landscaper for their pricing category?

1) Idaho Nursery License  and we would like to have a Tax ID Number for your business.

2) COD (Cash/Check/Credit card on Delivery) – No exceptions! We need a valid credit card on file that we can charge for the product you order. Terms are a possibility after 3 years of working together and a good financial history with us directly.

3) No on-site deliveries unless a 48 foot semi trailer can turn around safely without damaging any property. The delivery site must be able to accommodate the length, height, and weight (approx. 80,000 pounds). If a semi gets stuck, the landscaper will be charged the tow fee.

4) Product will be purchased by the entire flat, no partials. The only items sold as eaches will only come as eaches. Example: 2 gallon.

5) Payment must be in the name of your company whether it is Check or Credit.

What makes a Landscaper a Retail or Wholesale customer?


1) Orders have to be a minimum of 25 items.

2) Must have a Store Front.

3) Can be delivered to your business location or picked up with 24 hour notice.

4) Must have a Nursery License AND a Tax ID Number.

Retail: Your company currently does not have a Store Front and do not meet Wholesale requirements.

*** It takes 5 business days to process New Customers!

We can only guarantee DAY OF DELIVERY, not a TIME due to road conditions and other variables.

Need a quote or bid for a project?

1) Send us the details of whole flats totals and varieties needed.

2) Allow 5 business days for a response. IF it is a very large bid, please allow for 8 business days.

3) Please contact us directly at (208)324-1000 to get email for the correct contact person for your area.

*** Pricing is available by contacting us directly.

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