School Tours:

A greenhouse can be any kids playground. We happily work with local schools to arrange tours for your group. If you are interested in scheduling a tour, contact Melissa Newey at (208)324-1000.  We do tours on Mondays and Thursdays thru March, April, and June by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Schedule early as we always fill up. Only restriction we have is groups cannot exceed 30 people including chaperons and you are responsible for all parties attending.

If you are a university, horticulture, or professional group, please contact Jennifer Moss at (208)324-1000.


We want to support local non-profit organizations in our community. Our policy is that we will only donate to a group once a season. We try to select different groups year-to-year to spread the generosity. You must submit something in writing detailing your event, where the funds raised will be going, and what you are requesting. It needs to be on your organization’s official letterhead and submitted via email to Jennifer at or fax to (208)324-7931 with attention to Jennifer. Please do not come into the Retail store and email or fax us instead. You may follow up with a phone call within the week of your contact.  We do not do monetary donations. As our donations are always plant product, the approvals are usually during our peak season which runs March thru July. Donation requests outside of that time will not be considered. We have a set budget that we donate each year and selections are at the discretion of management. Thank you for your consideration.