Color Now Collection: 10×10

This unique collection is sure to create some excitement in your garden centers. There is no need for your customers to remove the 3 gallon fiber biodegradable pot. Just drop them into a decorative patio container and they will have an instant splash of color for their decks or patios. This is the perfect item for the grab-n-go gardener.

Confetti Blaze of Glory: Sweetunia Johnny Flame, Verbena Empress Flair White, Calibrachoa Aloha Kona Hot Orange.
Confetti Calypso: Surprise Red Petunia, Empress Violet Blue Verbena and Aloha Tiki Orange Calibrachoa.
Confetti Fiori: Coleus Granville Street, Wall Street and River Walk.
Confetti Hawaiian Fruit Bowl: Calibrachoa Kona Mango, Kona Pineapple and Kona White.
Confetti Hawaiian Kona Volcano: Calibrachoa Volcano Neon, Volcano Sunset and Volcano Pink.
Confetti Hunny Bunny: Verbena Empress Flair Lavender Blue, Calibrachoa Kona Soft Pink and Sweetunia Strawberry Morning.
Confetti Mountain Majesty: Verbena Empress Flair White, Calibrachoa Volcano Pink and Petunia Surprise Red.
Confetti Peppermint Candy: Petunia Peppy Red, Calibrachoa Kona White and Verbena Empress Flair Red
Confetti Pirates Beauty: Sweetunia Johnny Flame, Verbena Empress Flair Pink Charm and Calibrachoa Kona Soft Pink.
Confetti Waters Edge: Sweetunia Orange Flash, Calibrachoa Volcano Sunset and Lobelia Bella Ocean.
Confetti Shocking Blue: Petunia Surprise Blue Sky, Verbena Empress Wicked Purple and Calibrachoa Aloha Kona Midnight.
Confetti Shocking Pink: Sweetunia Hot Pink, Wicket Hot Pink Verbena, and Aloha Kona Tiki Soft Pink Calibrachoa.
MixMaster Bejeweled: Sun Spun Burgundy Petunia, Aztec Blue Velvet Verbena, Cabaret Deep Yellow Calibrachoa.
MixMaster Berry Basket: Petunia Sun Spun Burgundy, Verbena Aztec Burgundy Wink, Calibrachoa Cabaret White.
MixMaster Cherry Plum Tart: Bright Red, Deep Blue and Hot Pink Cabaret Calibrachoa.
MixMaster Do You Lilac It?: Petunia Sun Spun Silver, Lobelia Hot Springs Lavender Pink, Verbena Aztec Blue Velvet.
MixMaster Eye Caramba: Petunia Flash Mob Bluerific, Verbena Aztec Violet Wink, Calibrachoa Cabaret White.
MixMaster Fantasyland: Petunia Flash Mob Magentacular, Calibrachoa Cabaret Deep Yellow, Verbena Aztec Blue Velvet.
MixMaster Cotton Tail: Calibrachoa Cabaret White, Petunia Sun Spun White and Verbena Firehouse White.
MixMaster Feelin Lucky: Lantana Lucky Flame, Lucky Lemon Glow and Lucky Pot of Gold.
MixMaster Lucky Charm: Lantana Lucky Flame, Lucky Pot of Gold and Lucky Sunrise Rose.
MixMaster I Heart Pink: Calibrachoa Cabaret Light Pink, Petunia Sun Spun Pink and New Verbena Firehouse Pink.
MixMaster Jazzberry Jam: Calibrachoa Cabaret White, Petunia Sun Spun Burgundy and Verbena Aztec Blue Velvet.
MixMaster Power Play: Calibrachoa Cabaret White, Petunia Sun Spun Red and Verbena EnduraScape Red.
MixMaster Fruit Cocktail: Calibrachoa Cabaret Deep Yellow, Calibrachoa Cabaret Hot Pink and Cabaret Orange.
MixMaster Spirits United: Calibrachoa Cabaret Deep Blue, Calibrachoa Cabaret Bright Red, Calibrachoa Cabaret White.
Trixi Combo Cherry Kiss: Petunia Famous Compact Electric Purple, Calibrachoa MiniFamous Light Pink and Verbena Blues Pink.
Trixi Night Watch: Biden’s Namid Yellow, Petunia Starlet Velvet and Verbena Blues Red.
Trixi Como Geisha Girl: Petunia Fame Fire, Verbena Lascar Big Eye Red Rose, Calibrachoa MiniFamous Light Pink With Eye.
Trixi Combo Liberty Bell: MiniFamous Compact Dark Blue Calibrachoa, Headliner Fire Petunia, Lascar White Verbena.
Trixi Combo Night Fall: Petunia Starlet Lavender Star, Verbena Blue Sky Blue, Calibrachoa MiniFamous Compact Blue.
Trixi Salt Water Taffy: Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Salmon Pink with Eye, Petunia Starlet Pink Lemonade and Verbena Blues Lavender with Eye.
Trixi Spring Valley: Calibrachoa MiniFamous Orange and Blue with Lobelia Magadi Basket White.

Begonia Dragonwing Red & Pink: Amazing Blazing Begonia. Named for its eye catching pendulous angle-wing leaves and large red or dark pink blooms. Proven Winners Product.

Sunny orange or yellow flowers with a dark eye. Planted with a hoop trellis.
Arizona Glow: Masses of bright orange red flowers with a dark center. *Pictured.

Patio Containers
8” Square Memorial – A mix of bright cheery summer color.
10” Round Color Bowls – A container for all occasions, filled with a great mix of bright sunny/shade color.

12″ Signature Series

These planters make the perfect patio topper for any level gardener. They are offered in a wide range of colors and textures that are guaranteed to be the envy of the neighborhood.
Blue Flame: Stipa Pony Tails, Heliotrope Marine, Osteospermum Blue Eyed Beauty.
Burgundy Button: Calibrachoa Aloha Kona Soft Pink, Chrysanthemum Snowland, Dracaena Green, Geranium Contessa Burgundy.
Dragon Fern: Asparagus Fern, Begonia Dragonwing Red, Euphorbia Gloria, Lysmachia Creeping Jenny.
Little Bright: Brachycome Bravo Deep Blue, Gaura Belleza Dark Pink, Geraniums Bright Cascade & Lila Compact Cascade.
Love: Dahlia Hypnotica Pink, Petunia Surfina Heart Beat, Verbena Bebop Pink.
Passionate: Gaura Belleza Dark Pink, Geranium Rocky Mountain Pink, Petunia Easy Wave Pink Passion.
Prized Jewel: Bidens Golden, Dracaena Green, Petunias Easy Wave Blue & Wave Purple
Red Chili: Coleus Flame Thrower Chili pepper, Ipomoea Marguerite, Muehlenbeckia, Osteospermum Serenity Red.
Sapphire: Dahlia Hypnotica Yellow, Ipomoea Marguerite, Petunia Night Sky.
Scarlet Rose: Geranium Rocky Mountain Scarlet, Petunias Easy Wave Blue & Easy Wave Coral, Verbena Aztec Wild Rose.

12″ Geranium Terra Cotta

Calliope Dark Red
Calliope Hot Pink
Calliope Lavender Rose
Rocky Mountain Salmon
Rocky Mountain White

14″ Magic Series
A premium version of the 12″ Signatures Series, the Magic Series offers a more grandeur presence.

Magic Beauty: Geranium Rocky Mountain Salmon, osteospermum Blue Eyed Beauty, Petunia Sanguna Lavender Vein, Verbena Aztec Orchid Magic.
Magic Delight: Calibrachoa Aloha Kona True Blue, Geranium Rocky Mountain Pink, Melampodium Lemon Delight, Petchoa SuperCal Blushing Pink.
Magic Dragon: Begonia Dragonwing Red, Ipomoea Marguerite, Nemesia Babycakes Little Cherry.
Magic Mandarin: Bidens Beedance Painted Red, Calibrachoa Aloha Kona Hot Orange, Geranium Rocky Mountain Orange, Lantana Lucky Peach.
Magic Surprise: Dahlia Hypnotica Tequila Sunrise, Lantana Lucky Sunrise Rose, Petunia Black Magic, Verbena Wild Rose.
Magic Swing: Begonia Dragonwing Pink, Fuchsia Swingtime, Nemesia Babycakes Little Banana.

Annual 10” Varieties
Acalypha Chenille Plant,’ Red Hot Cattail’ 10” Square
Arching branches of large green heart shaped leaves produce deep red blooms that resemble tassels of chenille.

Agrostis ‘Bamboo Green Twist’ 10” Square
Narrow green grassy foliage cascades over baskets. Dramatic foliage effect.

Bacopa ‘Gulliver’ 10” Square
Earliest bacopa on the market. A cascading flow of large flowers throughout the season. Best heat tolerance of any bacopa.

Begonia (Tuberous) 10” Square
A wonderful assortment of double blossoms creates a season-long color fest for shady locations. We use vibrant ‘Nonstop’ colors for these baskets.

Calibrachoa Aloha Series 10” Square
Aloha varieties bloom in great profusion of exquisite flowers, with strongly branched compact trailing growth habit. Bloom from early spring until late autumn.

Coleus 10″ Square
Serrated foliage in a unique chartreuse to copper color, complemented by leaves that curl upward and expose their showy burgundy undersides.

Fuchsia 10” Square
Assorted colors of shade loving plants offer deep green leaves and cascading branches clothed with dainty, airy blossoms. We returned to the old-fashioned favorite fuchsias, such as Dark Eyes, Royal Velvet, Swingtime, and others

Assorted Varieties 10” Square
Geranium baskets have long been the standard for hanging baskets in the industry. We offer a wide range of varieties and beautiful color for long lasting summer color. Fertilize regularly. Remove faded blooms.

Bright Cascade: Mini single, bright orange.
Caliente Coral: Large single, hot coral.
Caliente Orange: Large single, bright orange.
Sarita Fire: Semi-double, salmon coral.
Sophie Cascade: Mini single, soft salmon pink.

Calliope Lavender Rose: Double, lavender-pink.
Caliente Lavender: Large single, dark violet.
Great Balls of Fire Lavender: Large double, lavender pink.

Calliope Hot Pink: Double, rose-pink.
Caliente Pink: Large single, pink.
Great Balls of Fire Pink: Large double, pink.

Contessa Burgundy: (Taj Mahal) Semi-double, dark burgundy.
Contessa Burgundy Bicolor: (Picasso) Semi-double, white and burgundy.
Cumbinata Lilac: Large lilac semi-double flowers.
Great Balls of Fire Blue: Large double, lavender.

Caliente Dark Red: Semi-double, dark red.
Calliope Dark Red: Semi-double, dark red.
Calliope Crimson Flame: Double cherry red.
Precision Red Ice: Semi-double, red and white bi-color.
Sarita Dark Red: Semi-double, dark red with dark foliage.

Precision White: (Luna) Semi-double, white with a red eye.

Herb Assortment 10” Square
Assorted varieties of the most popular culinary herbs. Allows gardeners both beauty and flavor from the same container.

Impatiens 10” square
Unique trailing impatiens in a wonderful assortment of colors. Vigorous habit and super large blooms make the Spellbound Series impatiens an impressive basket.

Lobelia 10” Square
Assorted colors and varieties of flowing plants that hold thousands of blue or white fan-shaped flowers. Great for light shade. Keep moist for best performance, especially in the hot days of summer.

Mixed Foliage 10” Square
Spring Greenery: Airy sprengerii fern with the dark foliage of muehlenbeckia wire vine and variegated yellow & green Wojo’s Gem vinca.

Frosted Greens: Dainty white flowers of euphorbia diamond frost, dark muehlenbeckia wire vine and variegated yellow /green gold child ivy.

Wired: Dorotheanthus Mezoo, dark muehlenbeckia, and bridal veil.

Mixed Summer Annual 10” Square
Bright color radiates throughout the summer. Great for brightening any sunny location.

Pansy Cool Wave 10” Square
You won’t believe the flower power! Vigorous, unstoppable plants! Just 6 to 8 inches high, but trails an incredible 24 to 30 inches.

Pansy Cool Wave Combination 10” Square
Cool Wave pansies are well suited for growing in combination containers, we have combined them with nemesia and lobularia for a striking combination.

Petunia 10” Square
Assortment of color and varieties. Cascading branches are covered with fragrant petunia
blossoms. Great color and show for sunny areas over the entire summer. Loves lots of
fertilizer. Colors include: dark blue, purple, white, red, rose, lavender, pink, and more.

Scaevola 10” Square
Cascading branches hold pointed, dark green leaves with blue, white, pink, or a combination of fan shaped flowers
for color all season.

Snapdragon Candy Showers 10” Square
The flowering stems are on these trailing snapdragons are supple and strong, setting blooms 1 to 2 inches wide and packed with color and subtle sweet scent.

Strawberry 10” Square
Fragoo strawberries make an attractive, unique, and delicious hanging patio basket. Pink flowers bear 1“ edible berries from spring until frost.

Tomato Tumbler 10” Square
Small 1” sweet Tumbler tomatoes cherry-type tomatoes weighing in at 1 ounce make for the ideal basket full of sweet fruit. Great for salads.

Vinca Cora Cascade 10″ Square
Large long lasting flowers on vigorous plants, bloom profusely all season. Thrives in heat.

Annual 12” Varieties

Begonia Bossa Nova Assorted 12” Square
Natural branching angel wing type foliage boast big bright fringed double blooms.
Colors include: red, salmon, orange, and rose.

Begonia Tuberous Assorted 12” Square
Outstanding color and beauty for the entire season. Blooms may be single or double; they may be plain, ruffled or toothed.

Dorotheanthus Mezoo 12″ Square
Variegated foliage with dime size rosy red flowers. Very vigorous and easy to care for.

Geranium Assorted Varieties 12” Square
Our most popular geranium baskets with Scaevola or Vinca for additional interest.

Sweet Potato Salad 12″ Square
A beautiful mix of ipomoea marguerite (nice lime green foliage) and ipomoea ace of spades (dark chocolate foliage).

Shade Annual (Victorian Shade) 12” Square
Bright colors of tuberous begonias (non-stop or dragon wing) with a trailing vine.

Sunny Annual (Victorian Sunny) 12” Square
A bright assortment of our best specialty annuals come together to create full baskets of color and beauty for sun. Features geraniums, vinca, scaevola, petunias and much more.

Assorted 14″ and 16″ Varieties

Begonia Basket 14” Round
Huge masses of vibrant color for the shade with beautiful flowing foliage. Featuring Dragon Wing begonias.

Sun Basket & A Half 16” Round
Huge masses of bright color cascades over the edges of this huge basket.
Continual summer color for sun.

Patio Containers
8” Square Memorial – A mix of bright cheery summer color.
10” Round Color Bowls – A container for all occasions, filled with a great mix of bright sunny/shade color.

Custom Patio Containers

Custom plantings are any items that are planted to match specific customer requests; i.e. certain colors, certain plants or non-catalog items. Custom plantings are considered sold upon planting and will be shipped the week of the given ship date and billed out upon shipping. A 20% non-refundable processing fee is required before product is planted. This fee covers the costs of ordering extra seed, plant material, production and labor.