*Note: Herbs are listed as being an Annual (A), Biennial (B), or Perennial (P). Herbs perform best in full sun to light shade with well-drained soil.

Imperial Star: Quart
90-100 days; Three to four inch edible flower buds form on tall stiff stems. Specifically bred to produce artichokes the first season. Delicious!

Arugula: 1204 pak
21 days baby; 40 days full size; Long, dark, lobed leaves. The small, white flowers with dark centers look pretty in a salad they have a light pleasantly biting flavor.

Assorted Herb Varieties: 804 pak
Perennial Assortment:
For the chef who loves cooking with herbs. This pak includes Oregano, Thymus English, Curly Parsley and Garden Sage.

Basil (A)
An annual herb of the mint family, native to India and Iran. The dried large-leaf varieties have a fragrant aroma faintly reminiscent of anise, and a warm, sweet, aromatic, mildly pungent flavor. The dried leaves of common basil are less fragrant and more pungent in flavor. Basil is widely grown as a kitchen herb. Tea made from basil leaves is a stimulant. The heart- shaped basil leaf is a symbol of love in Italy.

Assorted: 804 pak
Assortment of Lime, Dolce Fresco, Amethyst, and Spicy Globe.

Amethyst Improved: 4 inch
Almost black. Thick turned down leaves. The only purple Genovese type basil. 16-20” tall.

Dolce Fresco: 4 inch
Large ‘Genovese’ variety sweetly flavored. Great resistance to fusarium wilt. 24″ tall.

Genovese: 4 inch
Traditional sweet Italian-type basil grows 8-10” tall. Great for cooking, also has medicinal properties.

Lime: 4 inch
Adds a flair to fish, chicken and salads. Flavor is intense basil and citrus.

Nufar: 4 inch
Large ‘Genovese’ variety sweetly flavored. Great resistance to fusarium wilt. 24″ tall. 

Siam Queen: 4 inch
Very vigorous, large-leafed Thai type. Spicy and very aromatic. 26-30” tall.

Bull’s Blood: 1204 pak
58 days; Heirloom. Dual-purpose beet produces beautiful dark red purple foliage ready for harvest in 35 days. Very sweet red candy-striped roots.

Rainbow Mix: 1204 pak
55 days; A fun new mix of red, gold, white and pink. Stems and leaves are tasty in salads or steamed. 

Touchstone Gold: 1204 pak
57 days; Sweet mellow flavor. Globe shaped with gold flesh.

Broccoli should not be grown on the same piece of ground two years running.

Destiny: 1204 pak
48 days; This mid-early, compact, heat-tolerant broccoli variety features medium-small green beads, smooth dome and a round shape.

Brussels Sprouts
Jade Cross E: 1204 pak
90 days; Dark green 1-2” sprouts cluster along sturdy spikes. Easy to remove from stalks. Great buttery flavor.

Copenhagen Market: 1204 pak
68 days; Heirloom. Good variety for home and garden. Solid heads are well-rounded and can reach 6 inches across and weigh 4-4 ½ pounds. The blue-green heads are tasty fresh or cooked. Good for making sauerkraut.

Late Flat Dutch: 1204 pak
100 days; Firm, flat solid 2-3 lb. heads. Excellent for sauerkraut.

Ruby Perfection: 1204 pak
85 days; Dark red-purple leaves for 3-4 lb. heads. Beautiful in the garden. Great color addition for salads.

Stonehead: 1204 pak
50 days; Very early cabbage forms 2-3 lb. heads. Complement for early salad crops.

**To keep cauliflower heads white on non-self-blanching, tie the leaves around the heads when they first appear. Leaves of self-blanching varieties curl over developing heads without assistance.

Color Assortment: 804 pak
60-75 days; A Moss Greenhouses exclusive! A fun new pak, Cheddar: orange, Graffiti; bright purple, Veronica; spiraled, lime green head, Vitaverde; great tasting green head. 

Self Blanche: 1204 pak
68-70 days; Large florets form 3-4 lb. Pure white heads. Easy to grow variety.

Snow Crown: 1204 pak
45 days; Tight florets form 2-3 lb. creamy white heads. Great with other vegetables. All-America Selection Winner. Produces dependably even under adverse conditions.

Celery: 4 inch
80 days; Early, very heavy yield. Extremely smooth, tender sweet stalks.

Chives (P): 4 inch
Zone 5 Height: 12” Bloom Time: May-June
Onion flavored grass-like leaves have bug repellent properties; believed to keep aphids away. Edible purple flowers.

Garlic Chives: 4 inch
Zone 5/ Height: 12″/ Bloom time: May and June
Flat leaves with a garlic scent and flavor. Lightly fragrant white flowers.

Cilantro/ Coriander (A): 4 inch
Two herbs in one! The primary use for cilantro is the leaves. 18” tall plants have broad medium green highly aromatic leaves used for salsa and oriental cooking. The edible seed is known as coriander. Coriander roots are often used fresh as a base flavor for Asian soups.

Cole Crop Assortments: 804 pak
50-100 days; A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Includes Destiny Broccoli, Late Flat Dutch Cabbage, Stonehead Cabbage, and Self Blanche Cauliflower.

Cucumbers (Vine Crops will be shipped at 2 leaf stage.)
Burpless 26 (Japanese): 1202 pak
60 days; Smooth dark green fruit are very thin skinned and tasty with no bitterness. Best if picked at 8” to 10”. Superior eating quality!

Bush: 1202 pak
60 days; Firm dark green 8” fruit with a bush–type habit for small gardens or containers.

Cucamelon: 4 inch
65 days; Heirloom. This is a tiny treasure. Small 1-1½”grape size cucumber-like fruit are shaped like baby watermelons. Great added to salads or can be pickled. They have a cucumber-like taste with a touch of lemon.

Homemade Pickles: 1202 pak
55 days; Plants produce 5-6” fruit. Crisp texture and good flavor make this cucumber ideal for pickling. Burpless. Prolific producer.

Lemon: 1202 pak
65 days; Heirloom plants produce 3-4” lemon-sized yellow fruit. Great for adding color to salads. Wonderfully sweet flavor. White flesh is burpless and mild.

English Tendergreen Burpless: 1202 pak
55 days; 7″ long. High yield, sweet tender, non-bitter and acid free! No peeling needed. Resists mildew. Can also be used for pickling if picked early.

Dill (A): 4 inch
Upright plants reach 12-36” with airy flower heads. Freshly cut, chopped leaves enhance the flavor of dips, herb butter, soups, fish dishes, and salads. The seeds are used in pickling and can also improve the taste of roasts, stews and vegetables. Try grinding the seeds to use as a salt substitute. Both the flowering heads and seeds are used in flavored vinegar and oils.

Ichiban: 1202 pak
55 days; Early bearing plants produce long slender purple 6-8” fruit. Oriental style eggplant.

Satin Beauty: 1202 pak
65 days; Compact plants produce large dark purple 8-10” fruit. Excellent for baking and stuffing.

Snowy: 1202 pak
60 days; Mild, non-bitter flavor white 30” fruit. Early and very vigorous.

Fennel (A): 4 inch
Tall, upright airy leaves reach 60”. Fennel leaves are used in French and Italian cuisine in sauces for fish, and in mayonnaise. In Italy, fennel is also used to season pork roasts and spicy sausages. It is traditionally considered one of the best herbs for fish dishes. The English use fennel seeds in almost all fish dishes, especially as a court bouillon for poaching fish and seafood. It is also used to flavor breads & cakes.

Garlic: Quart
Chesnok Red
A gourmet delight. A purple stripe hard neck variety. One of the best cooking garlics. Highly flavorful, it has won best-baking-garlic taste tests conducted by Rodale, Sunset Magazine, Martha Stewart, and others. It holds its shape and retains flavor well when cooked. Large, easy-to-peel cloves. Idaho sourced for you local lovers.

Geranium (Scented) (A): 4 inch
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 12-16”
Fragrans: A spicy scent of apple and nutmeg, silver grey foliage with small white and pink flowers; slightly trailing habit.Lemon Fizz: Upright plants with highly lemon scented foliage. Pretty mauve and dark pink bicolor flowers.

Lemon Fizz: 4 inch
Upright plants with highly lemon scented foliage. Pretty mauve and dark pink bicolor flowers. 

Gourd (Ornamental)
Luffa Sponge: Quart
A very vigorous vine. Excellent to exfoliate your skin or use for washing dishes, your car or windows! The fruit grow about 2′, and the vine is very ornamental, producing clusters of yellow blossoms, in pleasing contrast with the silvery-shaded, dark green foliage. They ripen to dark green in late summer, and for sponge harvest should be left on the vine until the skin begins to shrivel. When this occurs, harvest them and scrub the skin away, revealing the porous, dense network of tan-colored matter within. They will be full of seeds; just cut the gourd to desired size and shake out the seeds. They’re ready to use!

Purple: 1204 pak
55 days; Coloration of the purple types is superficial: the edible parts are all pale yellow. The leafy greens can also be eaten. Kohlrabi is a member of the cabbage family. The bulb-like stem is similar to a turnip in flavor and is naturally sweet and can be eaten raw, steamed or shredded into soups and salads.

White: 1204 pak
60 days; Kohlrabi is crisp and sweet tasting and excellent used in salads or stir-fry.

Kale: 4 inch

Redbore: 4 inch
Baby, 28 days. 55 days; Very deep red-purple, frilly leaves. Color and curling are enhanced by cold weather. Beautiful as an ornamental. 

Red Russian: 
40 days; Unusual and beautiful variety that grows 2 feet tall. Leaves are bitter-free, very tender, intersected by purple-pink veins, lightly tinged with purple on the margins.

White Russian:
50 days; Here it is, the cold-hardiest, most moisture-tolerant kale ever grown. Tender-sweet flavored gourmet baby greens(ready in just 3 weeks from transplanting) or full-sized leaves. Super-garden worthy variety.

Kale Assortment: 804 pak
60-75 days; A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Darkbor; Finely curled green leaves, Dinosaur; dark blue strap leaf, Scarletbor; purple, curly leaves, Snowbor; very curled blue-green leaves.  

Lavandula (P)
Lavender is part of the mint family; the needles, leaves, and flowers of which contain scented oil glands. To keep plants compact, prune soon after flowering. Little to no fertilization required. Very drought tolerant.

Elagance Sky: 4 inch
Zone 5 Height: 24-36″ Bloom Time: June-August
A soft light-blue variety. Gray-green scented foliage is welcome addition to the perennial border.

‘Munstead’: 4 inch, 1 gallon & 2 gallon
Zone 5 Height: 18” Bloom Time: May-August
Rich lavender flower spikes fill the air with their sweet, intoxicating fragrance all summer long. Though this cultivar was introduced to the trade in 1916, it remains one of the most popular today. Its compact habit and relatively short stature makes it a good choice for edging. This is often said to be the hardiest variety of all Lavender.

Lemon Balm (P): 4 inch
Zone 4 Height: 30-36” Bloom Time: Mid-Summer
Citrus scented, crinkled, dull-green leaves with white blossoms. It is a vigorous plant and the foliage is often used as a flavoring in ice cream, both hot and iced herbal teas, fruit dishes and candies, wonderful in salads, or as a garnish. Prized for centuries for its simultaneous calming and uplifting properties.

Lemon Grass (A): Quart
Height: 24-36”
West Indian Lemon Grass is a much preferred variety since it’s larger and more flavorful. The entire stalk (bulb and grass) has a light lemon flavor and is used in soups, curries or teas.

Lemon Verbena (A): 1 gallon
Height: 6′
Lemon verbena offers a sweet lemon flavor that’s refreshing in tea and desserts and useful for seasoning meat dishes. The plant is a beauty in the landscape, forming an elegant shrub. Leaves release their refreshing fragrance each time they’re touched making this herb a good choice for planting near outdoor living areas or paths, where you can enjoy its lemony scent.

Assorted Varieties: 804 pak
40-60 days; Mixed varieties of the best gourmet lettuce. Great for any garden. Assortment includes Endive, Red Salad Bowl, Romaine, Galactic.

Simply Assorted Blends: 10” round
Alfresco Mix: Red and green leaf lettuces with arugula, endive, and radicchio give a true Mediterranean flavor and look.
City Garden Mix: Traditional Mix of red and green leaf lettuces.
Global Gourmet Mix: Red and green leaf lettuces and Asian greens make a mix of Asian flavors great in salads or stir-fry.

Marjoram (P): 4 inch
Zone 5 Height: 18-24” Bloom Time: Mid-Summer
One of the ‘must have’ herbs in any culinary garden. Adds zest to soups, stews and salads sauces and meat dishes. Often confused with oregano, marjoram is sweeter and milder. Medicinal properties

Melon (Vine Crops will be shipped at 2 leaf stage.)
** Melons are ready to harvest when you lift the fruit and twist; it will ‘slip’ from the vine if ripe.

Ball 2076 Cantaloupe: 1202 pak
84 days; After 33 years Ball seed said goodbye to Ball 1776 cantaloupe and welcomed this new variety. Ball 2076 continues to boast a very sweet flavor and is more disease resistant.

Hales Best Cantaloupe: 1202 pak
82 days; Heirloom. Produces solid 4+ lb. fruits. Deep salmon flesh. Wonderful flavor.

Snowmass Honeydew: 1202 pak
80 days; Very sweet light green flesh. Vigorous vines set an abundance of smooth skinned mid-sized fruit.

Mint (P)
There are several varieties of mint. They can spread very quickly and some people prefer to keep them confined in containers. The leaves are used for flavoring, mint sauce and drinks.

Apple: 4 inch
Zone 5 Height: 18-24” Bloom Time: Mid-Summer to Early Fall
Plants reach 18” with light green, fuzzy leaves. Sweet apple scent and flavor. Excellent addition to fruit salads or beverages. Apple mint grows well in containers.

Chocolate: 4 inch
Zone 3 Height: 12-18” Bloom Time: Late spring to Mid-Summer
MMmm – Junior Mints! Bronzy peppermint-like foliage combines the fragrance of peppermint and chocolate. Pink flowers in summer. Reaches 16” and spreads 24”.

Ginger: 4 inch
Zone 5 Height: 12-18″ Bloom Time: Late spring to Mid-Summer
Variegated with bright yellow stripes on leaves. Light lilac flowers are edible. Minty, spicy flavor is excellent for making tea.

Lemon (A): 4 inch
Height: 18-20″ Bloom Time: Late Spring to Mid-Summer
Vigorous blooms add a wildflower look and spicy citrus scent to bouquets. Towers of bright lavender 1 1/2-2″ blooms on straight and tin, yet sturdy stems. An unusual and easy-to-use cut flower. The blooms and leaves are edible, though the leaves are intensely spicy. Add petals to salads, sprinkle over mild fish, use in fruit salads, or to garnish desserts and drinks. Flavor is minty and spicy. Leaves are used to flavor salads, cooked foods, and tea. Also known as lemon bee balm, purple horsemint, and lemon mint.

Mojito (A): 4″
Height: 24″
If you are herb gardening and you are cooking, there is every reason to include mint mojito plants, especially this famous variety. It is clearly different from most other mints – the scent of this aromatic herb and flavor are agreeably mild and warm, not pungent nor overly sweet like other mints, Not just great in beverages, Mojito Mint also makes a great seasoning for meals and confections.

Peppermint: 4 inch
Zone 3 Height: 12-18” Bloom Time: Late Spring to Mid-Summer
Traditional mint plant reaches 12-36”. Great for flavoring foods and beverages. Medicinal properties.

Pineapple: 4 inch
Zone 6 Height: 24″ Bloom Time: Late spring to Mid-Summer
A great choice for gardeners looking to combine ornamental and edible gardens into one. One of the most attractive mints. variegated green and cream fuzzy foliage. White or light pink flowers bloom on small spikes. Use in beverages, as a garnish, potpourris, any recipes that calls for mint. Very attractive as a fragrant groundcover.

Spearmint: 4 inch
Zone 3 Height: 18-24” Bloom Time: Mid-Summer
Leaves have strong spearmint fragrance. Great for all-around flavoring, especially with lamb, in a tall Mint Julep or shake it up with a Mojito.

Strawberry: 4 inch
Zone 4 Height: 12″ Bloom Time: May-September
Refreshing! Not the least bit minty. Deeply textured dark green leaves have a robust strawberry smell, fragrance and flavor. refreshing in teas or chopped into fruit salads. Small lilac flowers are also edible. 

Nepeta (Catmint) (P)
faassenii ‘Cat’s Meow’: 1 gallon
Zone 3 Height: 20″ Bloom Time: May-September
Beautiful, strong, well branched, uniform grower. Grey green aromatic foliage is smother with sky blue flowers. Proven Winners Product.

‘Walkers Low’: 1 gallon
Zone 3 Height: 30-36” Bloom Time: Mid-Summer
Violet blue flowers carried on 8-9” spikes on aromatic grey green foliage. Very attractive to cats.

Candy F1: 1202 Pak
85 days; Adaptable everywhere. Huge, sweet and mild with white flesh. Stores well.

Red: 1202 Pak
95 days; 2-3” bulbs form under tall green blades. Grows vigorously. Zesty pleasant crunch and flavor as well as great color for salads and sandwich toppings.

Shallots: 1202 pak
95 days; Quick to mature and easy to divide. The bulbs are large and round with brown skin and pure white flesh. Flavor is very, very pungent. Bulbs divide dramatically. If cured, the bulbs can be stored.

Walla Walla Sweet: 1202 pak
110 days; Legendary onion noted for its mildness. Large 3-4” bulbs have exceptionally sweet flavor. Great for eating and cooking.

White Sweet Spanish: 1202 pak
110 days; Large globes of firm, pure white flesh.

Oregano (P)
Oregano is often known as “the pizza herb” because it seems to be the main flavoring ingredient in many commercial pizza sauces. It has many other culinary uses, especially in Italian, Mexican and Greek cuisine. It is often paired with basil in pasta and tomato dishes. Oregano has the ability to cross-pollinate with other members of the species, including marjoram. Because of this it is wise to plant different varieties of oregano a long distance from each other if you wish to keep your varieties “pure”. Another technique to prevent cross-pollination by bees is to harvest the plants before they flower. Give oregano lots of room to grow, full sun, good drainage, moderately fertile soil and be rewarded with an abundance of wonderful foliage and flavor.

Common: 4 inch
Zone 5 Height: 18-24” Bloom Time: Mid-Summer
Plants have small, round aromatic leaves with tiny white flowers appearing late July. Use for medicinal purposes in the herbal bath for aching muscles and joints.

Hot and Spicy: 4 inch
Zone 5 Height: 18-24″ Bloom Time: Mid-Summer
Rich green rounded foliage boasts an intense strong flavor, as the name indicates, this one is hot and spicy. Use Sparingly at first. 

Parsley (B)
Parsley is a bright green herb used as a seasoning or as a garnish. All the different varieties of parsley are excellent sources of Vitamin C. Known as a healing herb since the ancient times, parsley leaves are crushed and applied on bruises and inflammations. Adds a clean fresh flavor and a decorative color to almost any dish.

Curly Q: 4 inch
Plant reaches a height of 15” and has highly ruffled, serrated green leaves. Very nutritious.

Italian: 4 inch
Plants reach 12-24” in height with flat, serrated leaves. Parsley is a favorite flavoring in stuffing, soups, stews, marinades, and salads; better flavor when chopped fresh.

Assorted Baby Bells: 804 pak
60 days; A combination pak of miniature 1½ x 1½” red, yellow and green baby bells. A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive.

Assorted Varieties, Hot: 804 pak
70-90 days; A mix of four hot peppers. Ideal for gardeners who want a variety of flavors. Assortment includes Anaheim Chili, Jalapeño, Super Chili and Cayenne. A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive.

Assorted Hot Fire Peppers: 804 pak 95 days; Not for the faint of heart! We have chosen four extraordinary hot peppers. Carolina reaper, Habanero White, Scotch Bonnet Jamaican Red and Trinidad Scorpion. We recommend wearing gloves when harvesting. A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. 

Assorted Varieties, Sweet: 804 pak
A mix of four sweet bell peppers good for cooking or fresh. Assortment includes, California Wonder, Orange Bell, Red Bell and a Yellow Bell. A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive.

Anaheim Chili: 1204 pak
70 days; Heirloom. 30” plants bear long, tapered, dark green, smooth, 7-8” mild peppers. Great for producing mild sauces and salsa, and chili rellenos.

Better Belle F1: 4 inch
65 days; Early and tasty. Blocky and thick walled. Maintains large fruit all season.

California Wonder: 1204 pak & 4 inch
75 days; Heirloom. Traditional bell pepper produces 4×4” blocky dark green fruit. Good grower with mild flavor. Great fresh and for cooking.

Caribbean Red Hot: 4 inch
90 days; Glossy fruits ripen from lime to red. The more red the fruit the hotter the pepper! The HOTTEST of the chilies.

Cayenne Long Slim: 1204 pak
70 days; Heirloom. Wrinkled peppers are 6” long and skinny. Fiery hot and excellent for drying.

Chipotle: 4 inch
66 days; Thick walled, 1 x 2½” Smoke to get spicy wood taste.

Cubanelle: 1204 pak
68 days; Thin walled 6” peppers are sweet and great for fresh eating. The fruit is elongated and flattened yellowish turning to red. This frying type pepper is a must in many Mediterranean dishes.

Fresno Chili: 1204 pak
75 days; 1 x 2½”, smooth and tapered. Fresno peppers appear green on the vine maturing to orange and eventually deep red when fully ripe. Thank you Rodgeleen for recommending them!

Garden Salsa: 4 inch
73 days; Moderately hot, tapered fruit with medium thick walls.

Gypsy: 1204 pak
65 days; Very sweet. Yellow, orange to red wedged fruit. Thin skin that does not need to be peeled making ‘Gypsy’ peppers ideal for frying. Holds its red color when cooked.

Habanero: 4 inch
85 days; Heirloom. Ultra hot chili peppers! 12” plants with light green serrated leaves produce 1½ – 3” fruits. Peppers are light green turning to deep orange when mature.

Hot Portugal: 1204 pak
64 Days; Heavy yields of 6” long ¾” wide. Peppers are very hot turning from green to glossy lipstick red. Thank you Kelly for the recommendation!

Hungarian Yellow Wax: 1204 pak
65-70 days; Yellow pepper gives 5-6” fruit. Turns red when ripened. Not real hot, but certainly pungent.

Jalapeño: 1204 pak & 4 inch
70-75 days; Traditional hot pepper produces 3” fruits. Jalapenos are usually used green, but at full maturity they do turn red. Great all-around pepper.

Jalefuego Jalapeno: 4 inch
70 days; Very smooth, extra-large pungent peppers on big vigorous plants.

Mama Mia Giallo: 4 inch
85 days; An award-winning Italian sweet pepper with bright golden-yellow skin, heavy yields, a compact habit, great disease resistance, and early maturity. They reach 7 to 9 inches long. Great for fresh eating, grilling, or roasting. These Italian sweet peppers are big on flavor and texture – juicy, rich, and meaty.

Orange Bell: 1204 pak
75 days; Blocky bright orange with thick flesh. Very sweet.

Pepperoncini Greek Golden: 1204 pak
75 days; 4 x 1½, yellow to red mild pepper. Great for sandwiches, pickling, and of course Greek salads.

Pequin: 1204 pak
100 days; The name roughly translates to “tiny chile”, they average 1/4″ wide and 1/2″ long. Fruits start out green, ripening to brilliant red at maturity. Pequin peppers are very hot, often 13–40 times hotter than jalapeños!

Pimiento: 1204 pak
80 days; Mild pimiento type. Heart-shaped fruit matures from dark green to red.

Purple Beauty: 4 inch
75 days; Purple peppers are always a favorite. Their crisp texture, mild sweet flavor and unique color make them a perfect addition to a salad. The peppers turn green when cooked.

Poblano: 1204 pak
80 days; Heart shaped taper, green turning red. Medium thick 2 x 4”.

Red Bell: 1204 pak
68 days; Produces beautiful 4 inch sweet, bell shaped fruits. Reddens quickly to a rich shade of scarlet.

Relleno: 1204 Pak
70 days; Earlier and sweeter than Anaheim chilies, these 2 x 6″ peppers are great for mild chili rellenos, roasted, sauteed, or fried. The highly productive plants reward the gardener with an early, abundant harvest even in small plantings.

Super Chili: 1204 pak
75 days; Plants bear 3” fruit with a spicy hot flavor. Great for salsas.

Super Serrano: 1204 pak
70 days; A vigorous producer of small ½” – 2” peppers. They are very hot when green and much hotter when they turn red.

Tabasco: 1204 pak
80 days; The 2” peppers produced by this plant are very pungent and hot. Repels pests.

Thai Hot: 1204 pak
65-70 days; Thai Hot is an excellent yielding, good tasting, high pungency pepper that adds zest to stir fry dishes, sauces, and other foods that require spicy flavor. Vigorous plants grow 30 inches tall with strong stems and abundant foliage supporting heavy fruit set. As fruits mature they turn from green to dark red and measure 4-5”.

Yellow Bell: 1204 pak
70 days; Very sweet, four-lobed pepper reach 4-5 inches. Lime green to golden yellow. Best golden pepper for production and fruit quality.

Pumpkin (Vine Crops will be shipped at 2 leaf stage.)
Big Max: Quart
120 days; Give it lots of room! 50-70 pounds. Bright orange skin, with yellow orange flesh ideal for cooking.

Howden: 1202 pak
115 days; Weighing in at 20 to 30 pounds, this pumpkin is quite popular. Good
yields of deep orange fruit with defined ribs.

Jack Be Little: 1202 pak
95 days; These are terrific tiny pumpkins. 3-5” in diameter, flattened and heavily grooved.
Bright orange color and very prolific. Kids will love them!

Small Sugar / Orange Smoothie: 1202 pak
100 days; Perfect pumpkin for tots to carve come Halloween time! This
variety weighs typically 5 to 8 pounds. Smooth, dark orange skin on 8” fruits.

Rosemary is an evergreen shrub native to the Mediterranean coast but now cultivated worldwide for ornamental, culinary, medicinal and perfumery purposes. Rosemary is excellent to bring indoors for winter.

Barbeque (A): 4 inch & 2 gallon
Foliage of this selection has especially good flavor and aroma for cooking. The stems are sturdy enough to be used as skewers for shish kabob, and while cooking, your grilled items are infused with the particularly appealing rosemary flavor of this variety. Profuse, clear blue flowers.

Creeping (A): 4 inch
Fast creeping semi-evergreen plant only reaches 6” in height with small purple flowers. A fun choice for containers and hanging baskets. Use in sauces, dressings and marinades.

Upright (A): 4 inch & 2 gallon
Woody perennial with needle-like dark green leaves and pale blue flowers. Light aroma. A fun choice for topiaries or containers. Medicinal purposes includes the easing of headaches and migraines, improve concentration and memory.

Herb of the Year 2001. Sage is an aromatic, rather woody perennial shrub that grows to about 2 feet tall. The pebbly, slightly fuzzy, oval leaves up to 5″ long vary in color from gray to gray-green, purple or golden. The camphor-scented, bluish- lavender flowers are borne on spike-like stems. Its soft-colored foliage and profusion of lovely purple-blue flower spikes blend beautifully into any herb garden.

Berggarten (P): 4 inch
Zone 5 Height: 24” Bloom Time: Insignificant
An excellent culinary sage with an abundance of large, silvery-green round leaves. Great flavor for stuffing, sauces, and seasoning mixes. Makes a great ornamental choice as well.

Golden (P): 4 inch
Zone 5 Height: 24” Bloom Time: June-August
Golden sage produces quantities of striking green and yellow leaves that appear to glow in the dark! Use in meat dishes or as an ornamental in containers.

Pineapple (A): 2 gallon
Zone 7 Height: 36-48″ Boom Time: August
Named for the uncanny pineapple scent of its foliage, but it’s real use is in cooking as as fresh edible flower. The flowers are reminiscent of Honeysuckle and makes a colorful addition to salads, fruit cocktails, or as a garnish. Its profuse bright cardinal red tubular flowers bloom in late summer and fall, are just in time to refuel hummingbirds and butterflies for their fall migration.

Tri-Color (P): 4 inch
Zone 5 Height: 24″ Bloom time: June-August
Green leaves edged in white with rose streaks. Although it is edible, its main use is as an ornamental in the garden.

Shallots: 1202 pak
95 days; Quick to mature and easy to divide. The bulbs are large and round with brown skin and pure white flesh. Flavor is very, very pungent. Bulbs divide dramatically. If cured, the bulbs can be stored.

Squash (Vine Crops will be shipped at 2 leaf stage.)

Autumn Acorn Blend (Winter): 1202 pak
70-105 days; A beautiful blend of four differently hued squashes will be a welcome sight! White Ace, Table Princess, Table Gold and Mardi Gras varieties, each with superior eating quality, have been combined to create on delicious mix. Perfect for baking, steaming and making into soups.

Acorn-Table Ace (Winter): 1202 pak
70 days; Early, compact plants have light yellow flesh, 2-3 lb. fruit. Winter variety that keeps well and has excellent flavor.

Blue Hubbard (Winter): 1202 pak
100 days; Big, bumpy, blue-gray, hard-shelled fruit with tapered ends. Averages 12-15 pounds with medium-sweet yellow flesh.

Butternut (Winter): 1202 pak
85 days; Compact variety produces several 2-5 lb. fruits. Earlier than other butternut. Semi-bush with a vine length of 50-60”. Appearance, texture, interior color and flavor are absolutely first rate.

Crookneck (Summer): 1202 pak
50 days; Summer crookneck squash is 6-7″ with bright yellow skin. This summer favorite is great for grilling and served fresh in salads. Harvest at baby size. 

Patty Pan Scallop Blend (Summer): 1202 pak
48 days; A colorful blend of 5 different improved patty-pan semi-bush summer squash. Each variety a different color; creamy white, yellow, pale green, green stripe, and dark green. Pick fruit when young and under 4 inches for best flavor. Can be allowed to mature on the vine for decorative fall displays. 

Peter Pan (Summer): 1202 pak
48-50 days; Bush type plant has 2-3” light green scalloped, round fruit. Unique look and color for eating.

Pink Banana (Winter): 1202 pak
105 days; This winter squash is an excellent keeper. Thin, salmon-pink shell and yellow-orange flesh that is tasty for baking, canning or used for pies. Harvest when skin turns a dark peach color. Stores well in cool, dry place.

Spaghetti (Winter): 1202 pak
85 days; Yellow fruit reaches 6-8”. Bright orange flesh separates into thin strands when cooked.

Zucchini, (Summer): 1202 pak
44 days; Large fruits with greenish-black, slightly ridged skin. White, firm flesh.

Zucchini, Gold Rush (Summer): 1202 pak
52 days; This zucchini has glossy golden skin with creamy white flesh. Grows 7-8” with a straight habit

Stevia rebaudiana (P): 4 inch
Zone 5 Height: 12” Bloom Time: June-August
Stevia is nature’s sweet gift to all of us. This remarkable plant, from the rainforests of Paraguay, is up to 300 times sweeter than sugar, does not affect blood sugar levels, and has no calories. It is nutritious, noncarcenogenic, nontoxic, and is said to be safe for diabetics and hypoglycemics. The plant produces slightly serrated leaves on long stems. The white flowers are small and delicate. Stevia makes a nice flowering garden plant.

June bearers generally produce a single large crop in spring to early summer and are prolific producers for 3 to 4 weeks. Pick the blossoms off June Bearers the first year to boost production the second year. Ever bearers are not as prolific as June bearers but are especially suitable for growers who wish to harvest a constant supply of berries throughout the summer. Plant some of both to have a large harvest to preserve, and plenty to eat all summer!

Fort Laramie: 1202 pak
Everbearing and one of the sweetest tasting ever grown. Extremely hardy, heavy bearing with excellent vigor and abundant runner production. Berries are large and bright scarlet red in color, have firm flesh, plenty of juice and a delightful sweet flavor. Self-pollinating.

Ozark Beauty: 1202 pak
Popular everbearer – day-neutral variety. Plants bear large, sweet berries from June through September.

Quinalt: 1202 pak
Everbearing. One of the largest berries, excellent for fresh eating. Not the best freezer, but great right out of the garden. Quinalt produces a lot of runners, which fruit prolifically, making it one of the heaviest producers available. Resists leaf spot and root rot.

Sequoia: 1202 pak
June bearer. One of the best tasting berries ever. Produces lots of huge, dark red, sweet fruit. Sequoia produces strawberries for a longer time than regular June bearers extending your harvest time.

Swiss Chard
Bright Lights: 1204 pak
50 days; Unique yellow, gold, orange, pink, violet, green, red, white and striped stems. Tender, bronze or dark green leaves. Excellent for salads and steamed with other greens. Can be used as an ornamental.

Tarragon (P)
French: 4 inch
Zone 5 Height: 36” Bloom Time: Insignificant
A staple of almost every kitchen herb garden. French tarragon is a hardy perennial that produces masses of long narrow, aromatic foliage. Foliage is rich in vitamins and can be used in a variety of recipes and vinegars, sauces, butters, and preserves. Medicinally used for its minerals and vitamins, as a sedative, appetite stimulant and as a digestive tonic.

Thyme (See perennials for other listings of Thyme.)
Herb of the Year 1997. Thyme is a beautiful, pungent, and resilient herb. Thymus is one of the earliest known plants in the world of culinary herbs, holding significant notoriety in the areas of personal health and medicinal uses, sacred rites and practices, and historical facts and folklore.

English (P): 4 inch
Zone 4 Height: 12” Bloom Time: June-August
Traditional culinary favorite. Highly fragrant tiny leaves cover 6-12” plants. Great in potpourri.

Summer (A): 4 inch
Aromatic Summer Thyme has more narrow, pointed leaves with a bit of a gray tint. The famed culinary thyme from France, it is higher in essential oil content than other varieties which means more and better flavor.

citriodorus ‘Variegata Gold Lemon’ (P): 4 inch
Zone 3 Height: 6-12” Bloom Time: Foliage
Bright golden-edged green foliage. Leaves release a wonderful citrus odor when crushed. Upright habit. It can be used in any recipe calling for lemon juice, lemon zest or lemon flavoring. Best used fresh.

Tome Verde: 4 inch
60 days; Indispensable in Mexican cooking, fruit grows to about 2” inside a papery husk. Harvest when paper husk loosens and fruit turns from green to yellow. Very prolific.

** Note: VFNT: Resistant to Verticillium, Fusarium, Nematodes or Tobacco Mosaic Virus, respectively.

Indeterminate (Climbing)
Tomatoes should be staked, trellised or caged. Fruit ripens over an extended period.

Determinate (Bush)
Varieties do not need pruning and may be grown with or without support. Fruit ripens within a concentrated time period.

Amish Paste: 1204 pak
80 days; Indeterminate. An Heirloom variety produces paste-like fruit with an oblong oxheart shape. 8 oz. tomatoes are solid with an outstandingly good, sweet flavor.

Beefmaster (VFN): 1204 Pak & 1 gallon
80 days; Indeterminate. Large solid tomatoes reach 12-16 oz. on strong, vigorous vines. Color is nice deep red with great flavor. Super for sandwiches and burgers.

Bite Size Assortment: 804 pak
55-80 days; Indeterminate. Our new mouth popping sweet cherry assortment! Candyland Red; 1/2″ red oblong fruits, Chocolate Cherry; 1″ rich brick red with deep chocolate shading, Ping Pong Pink; 3oz. pink, of course, Lemon Drop; 3/4″ yellow. A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. 

Brandywine: 4 inch & 1 gallon
78 days; Indeterminate. This Amish heirloom variety grows 1 lb. fruit with pink skin and red flesh. Superior flavor.

Big Brandy: 4 inch
80 days; Indeterminate. Heirloom. 12-15 oz. A husky pink beefsteak tomato with distinctive, deeply pleated fruit that’s juicy, sweet and balanced ith a touch of acid.

Celebrity (VFNT): 1204 pak & 1 gallon
72 days; Determinate. Bush type plant produces 8 oz. tomatoes. Celebrity is an excellent, all-purpose variety. No other tomato does so well under as many different growing conditions. Flavor is excellent and plants are very disease resistant. All-America Selection Winner.

Champion II(VFNT): 1204 pak & 1 gallon
62 days; Indeterminate. Reliable favorite, 12 oz. meaty and flavorful. Perfect for canning and fresh eating. Bred especially for sandwiches. High yielding.

Cherokee Carbon: 4 inch
80 days; Int=determinate. Heirloom. Large 10-12 oz. beefsteak-type fruits deliver a rich, robust flavor perfect for sandwiches, salsa, sauces and more. A cross of Cherokee Purple and Carbon.

Cherokee Purple: 4 inch
80 days; Indeterminate. Heirloom. This variety has origins with the native American people of the Cherokee Nation; it is a Tennessee heirloom tomato. Bears loads of 10-12 ounce, dark rose-purple fruits with a pleasantly sweet and rich flavor.

Chocolate Cherry: 4 inch
70 days; Indeterminate. Clusters of 1″ round fruits, dark burgundy interior. Very fruitful. 

Early Girl (VF): 1204 pak & 1 gallon
52 days; Indeterminate. Cool set tomato bears 4-6 oz. fruit. It’s a nice juicy tomato with rich red color and sweet flavor. Earliest variety we grow. Yields until frost.

Fourth of July: 4 inch & 1 gallon
49 days; Indeterminate. One of the earliest varieties. Very tasty small, 4-5 oz. luscious fruits.

Grape(F1): 4 inch
70 days; Determinate. Large 2 x 1½” unusually sweet 1 ounce fruit.

Health Kick F1: 4 inch
72 days; Determinate. Very high yielding with sweet, bright red 4 oz. plum tomatoes. Up to 50% more lycopene than other tomatoes.

Jet Star: 4 inch & 1 gallon
72 days; Indeterminate. Brought back by popular demand! High yields of crack resistant 9 oz. red globes. Low acid.

Genuwine: 4 inch
75 days; Indeterminate. This heirloom produces 11 oz fruits with old time tomato flavor and few blemishes.

La Roma II (VFN): 1204 pak & 1 gallon
62 days; Determinate. Heavy-bearing plant produces 3-4 oz. fruit. This is an excellent Italian paste type with nice thick flesh and rich tomato flavor.

Lemon Boy (VFN): 1 gallon
72 days; Indeterminate. The first lemon yellow, not golden, tomato. Outstanding mild, sweet yet tangy flavor. Plants produce high yields of 8 oz. fruit. Great color for salads and processing. Low acid content.

Moss Choice Heirloom Concoction: 804 pak
75-85 days; Indeterminate. Heirloom. A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. We’ve chosen 4 highly sought after heirlooms for this exclusive pak. Goldie: a 16+ oz. golden beefsteak, Green Zebra: 3 oz. amber with green stripes, Hillbilly: 1-2 pounds yellow-orange with red stripes and Mortgage Lifter: 20 oz. slightly flattened, pink & meaty.

Pineapple: 4 inch
85-95 days; Indeterminate. Huge, 28oz. yellow and red bicolor. Meaty with a sweet fruity taste and very few seeds. 

Plum Sauced Assortment: 804 pak
75-85 days; Indeterminate*. A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. A plum tomato, also known as a paste tomato, is a type of tomato bred for sauce and packing purposes. They are generally over or cylindrical in shape. Fat Mama; large bright red 10oz., Orange Banana; Orange banana shaped fruit 2×4″, Rio Grande * (determinate); Large 4″ long pear shaped, Saucelicious; 5 oz. oblong carmine fruit. 

Red Cherry: 1 gallon
75 days; Indeterminate. Large 1-2 ounce fruit. High yields of deep scarlet, flavorful fruits. An excellent salad tomato.

San Marazano: 4 inch
80 days; Indeterminate. Heirloom. Early, large, plum-shaped Roma tomato is a sweet, classic Italian paste variety. Mild and meaty. Very productive.

Striped German: 4 inch
78 days; Indeterminate. Heirloom. Complex flavor and smooth texture. Great-looking slicer with it’s yellow, red marbled interior. Weighs 1lb. or more.

Sunny Boy: 4 inch
70 days; Determinate. Bright yellow very sweet 6 ounce fruit. Crack resistant, firm flesh and very few seeds.

Sunsugar (F1): 4 inch
62 days; Indeterminate. Very sweet, low acid 1½ oz. golden-orange cherry tomato. Voted Best Flavor by Sunset Magazine. Thank you Vicki for the recommendation.

Super Fantastic (VFN): 1204 pak &1 gallon
70 days; Indeterminate. Produces heavy yields of large red 10 oz. tomatoes all season long. Juicy, meaty and very flavorful. Great for processing and eating.

Super Sioux: 1204 pak
80 days; Indeterminate. Heirloom. Brought back by popular demand! An impressive 6 oz. slicing tomato. An exquisite blend of acid, sweet, and earthy flavors. Heavy producer. Very heat resistant.

Sweet 100: 1204 pak & 4 inch & 1 gallon
65 days; Indeterminate. Cherry tomato covered with 100+ 1 oz. fruit. Very sweet mouth-watering flavor. Yield begins early. Super fresh and great in salads. High in vitamin C.

Tumbler: 4 inch
49 days; Determinate. Extra early. Developed to cascade from baskets and containers. Produces up to 6 lbs. of very sweet 2 oz. cherry-type tomatoes.

Yellow Pear: 4 inch
65 days; Determinate. Heirloom variety produces 1 oz. fruit that has yellow skin and a unique pear shape. A salad topper.

Cagey Tomatoes: 15×16” Fiber
Patio Ready tomatoes, custom-made tomato cage, fits snuggly in the pot. Varieties include Celebrity, Champion, Early Girl, La Roma, Super Fantastic, Sun Sugar and Sweet 100s.

Watermelon (Vine Crops will be shipped at 2 leaf stage.)
Watermelons are vine ripe and ready for harvest when the ‘pig tail’ and the ‘spoon petal’ leaf have withered.

Crimson Sweet: 1202 pak
80 days; Traditional type watermelon bears 13-15 lb. fruit. Great color and flavor.

Sugar Baby: 1202 pak
60-80 days; Early maturing variety produces small 7”, “icebox” melon. Flesh is fine textured and super sweet.

Patio Friendly Vegetables: 2 gallon
Everyone loves fresh vegetables from the garden! But not everyone has that luxury when it comes to space at their home. That is exactly why we want to help bring the freshest produce straight to your patio. We have hand selected vegetables bred for a 2 gallon patio container. They will produce in a compact space and you will still be a star in the kitchen with your own home grown vegetables. So whether you live in a apartment, a condo, have downsized or just want something that is easy and convenient right on the back patio, we have just what you need.

Cucumber: Bush Pickle:
45 days. Very popular 4″ fruit produced in abundance.

Eggplant: Fairytale
55 days. Tender, plump and sweet, these lusious-looking mini marvels are little jewels of delicious creamy flavor. The short, slender fruits make tasty conversation pieces, with their beautifully marbled purple and white tones.

Pepper(Hot): Basket of Fire
90 days. This colorful variety becomes smothered with small, hot chilies which mature from deep purple through yellow and orange to a bright shade of scarlet red, creating a fabulous display. These powerful peppers have a Scoville heat rating of around 80,000 shu, and once harvested can be dried or used fresh from the plant.

Pepper(Sweet): Fat & Sassy
65 days. Good yields of huge 4 1/2″ long by 4 1/2″ wide sweet bell peppers. Peppers turn from green to red when mature. This extra early variety is thick walled and very sweet.

Squash: Commander & Patio Golden Zucchini
54 days. Commander produces early, good yields of 8″ long, smooth, slender, deep green zucchini…paired with Patio Golden fruits are 6-8″ longer, slender and cylindrical in shape. Bright golden color and a delicious, distinctive zucchini flavor.