Brazil is known for some amazing plants that can inspire any gardener with their unique blooms. The Christmas cactus is a perfect example of this. This plant is a welcome addition to any household and blooms in early winter just when everyone is looking for some bloom and sunshine in their indoor space with the cold weather outside.

This cactus can bloom in a bunch of different colors adding to its appeal. Typically you see red or pink but they also come in white, yellow, orange and purple. In the wild, you can find the Schlumbergera species growing on either trees or rocks. They prefer the shady humid spots in the forest. Being that this plant is actually leafless, they perform their photosynthesis in the stem making them unique in the plant world.

christmas cactus

What really aids the blooms is climatic factors. Those would be bright light in summer and fall combined with days that gradually become shorter and cooler. When the plant begins to bud, move it to the room or spot that you want it to bloom. If the plant becomes stressed, they may begin to drop their blooms. If you happen to buy one of these while they are blooming and they shed their blooms, don’t stress as they will bloom beautifully the next year once they get settled into your space. The advantage to buying this plant in bloom is that you will get the color you want as it is hard to tell them apart in between bloom cycles.


This is a plant that can be easily overwatered so just be careful not to do just that.

A Christmas cactus is a great holiday gift for the plant lover in your life as well. They are the gift that always gives at just the right time.