Firefly Petunias

Moss Greenhouses

ntroduces Revolutionary Firefly Petunia

Moss Greenhouses, a grower of top-quality bedding plants for the Intermountain West Region, is thrilled to announce the launch of the groundbreaking Firefly petunia at a special event titled “Illuminate the Night” This remarkable biotechnology breakthrough makes the Firefly petunia one of the first bioluminescent plants available on the market, and Moss Greenhouses is proud to be one of only two growers in the country offering this radiant bloom. The event will take place on the evening of May 31st at Moss Greenhouses.

Developed through pioneering techniques showcased at, the Firefly petunia features bioluminescent properties derived from fungi. This genetic innovation allows the blooms to emit a soft, natural light, adding a magical glow to gardens at night. “Illuminate the Night” will offer the community a first look at these enchanting flowers under the stars.

The celebration begins at 7 PM with live performances by the popular local band Northleft. Guests will enjoy a variety of food and beverages with services provided by Scooter’s from Twin Falls, along with delectable eats from Creative Craving and Taco Tuza food trucks.

As dusk falls, the premiere of the Firefly petunia will commence at 10 PM, offering guests a mesmerizing display of glowing flowers, truly living up to the event’s name, “Illuminate the Night”. “We are beyond excited to introduce the Firefly petunia to our friends and neighbors in the gardening community,” said Jennifer Moss, CEO and 4th Generation Family Co-Owner at Moss Greenhouses. “This event is not just about showcasing a new product but celebrating the fusion of nature and cutting-edge science. We invite everyone to join us as we light up the night in a way you’ve never seen before.”

Moss greenhouses will also have the Breeder, Keith Wood with Light Bio, of this one-of-a-kind petunia present at the event for questions and interviews. For more information about the Firefly petunia and the “Illuminate the Night” event, please visit Moss Greenhouses Facebook Event Page or contact Jennifer Moss @ The breeder Keith Wood, can be reached at 

About Moss Greenhouses: Moss Greenhouses is a premier grower known for its dedication to quality and innovation. Located in Jerome, Idaho, Moss Greenhouses serves both retail and wholesale customers, providing exceptional plants and customer service.

Event Details:

 Date: May 31st

 Time: Event starts at 7 PM; Firefly petunia premiere at 10-10:30 PM depending

on light levels.

 Location: Moss Greenhouses, 269 S 300 E Jerome ID

 Features: Live music, food trucks, and a full bar