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Have you ever driven by a house in your neighborhood and envied their flower containers? Wondering how you could have the same beautiful look in front of your house?  I, personally, feel creatively challenged when I go to design containers for my garden so when I found this easy instant color idea. I was excited.

The idea is go to your local garden center and look for their hanging baskets. Think about what side of the house you are going to being putting the container to figure out if you need shade or sun baskets.

Next you will need to choose a container or pot that you want to have displayed at your home. After you have the pot chosen, have some fun and look around your garden center and chose that perfect basket that satisfies your color expectations.  You will also need to pick up a bag of soil to help fill the pot.

Last step, set your pot down in location you want it to be, fill the pot 2/3 full of soil. Then take the hanging basket and remove the hanger. Next, tap the sides of the basket to loosen the soil from the sides. Then place the basket on it side and slowing ease the plants out and place roots down in the pot, tuck the soil around the sides. Instant color!

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