Most of us who love houseplants know the staple plant hanging by their window, the famous Pothos. Its botanical name is Epipremnum aureum which is quite the mouthful. Sometimes it is also known as Devil’s Ivy. Pothos is also widely known as one of the easiest houseplants to grow and maintain.


They originate from the Solomon Islands. This species has become naturalized in many tropical and sub-tropical forests worldwide. Those include Northern Australia through Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan and thru Hawaii and the West Indies. When introduced where it is not native, it can become a highly invasive plant and overtake the forest floor as well as the trunks of trees causing severe ecological disruption. In turn, some places use pothos to control other vegetative growth on roadways. So its vigorous growth can be used for good as well.

pathos in full glory

However, in your home this plant rocks! Pothos are fast-growing and vigorous and are ideal low-maintenance plants for the office or home. Overwatering is the only serious problem you can cause when growing a Pothos. They don’t like water-logged soil. If you do get a newly potted plant, try to keep it on the dryer side while it adapts and grows on new roots to prevent a fungal issue. You can trim them once or twice a year to help shape the plant. It is also very easy to take cutting off of a Pothos as well if you are looking to become a true gardening nut like us.

Pothos like moderate to bright light and can live with fluorescent light as well. They handle an average room temperature. It is a great plant for displaying throughout the house or office. It can help provide oxygen and increase productivity and happiness in the office.

Overall, Pothos would be the best starter plant for anyone new to houseplants and a great addition for any houseplant veteran.