Yay! We are introducing a new thing to the Blog. Plant of the Month! We are SOOOO Excited!

Take it away….!

Fiddle Leaf Fig

This has got to be one of our FAVORITE and most popular plants that we get to work with and occasionally grow some of! The Fiddle-Leaf Fig is quite easy to grow. It gets its name from its leaf as it is shaped just like a fiddle You can very train this plant into different shapes if you are disciplined enough. It originates from Western Africa.

He loves (Yes I just “gendered” the plant…I tend to do that) bright to moderate indirect light. Feeding is best done about three times a year, with a high nitrogen foliage plant food; spring, midsummer and fall. You can also control the size of the plant with the size of the pot it is in. Repotting every spring is a great habit to have with this beautiful guy.

The Fig can live for many years, with you as well. He may get a little big for his britches, after 10 or so years but you can control his growth, by trimming his top leaves every once in a while.

HGTV even calls him “Fashion Forward”…great article, put that in your must read.

The Fiddle-Leaf Fig Is Fashion Forward

This is a great addition to home or office…I find myself at this very moment trying to think of where I can fit one by my desk here at work…..Hummmmm…..