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We at Plantscaping are often asked “What is it that you do?” Even though our name is explanatory to some extent, there is much more to it.

“Biophilia” is not exactly a common term to most but the definition of it applies to much of what Plantscaping is about.  Def… “A strong attraction for or an emotional attachment to the living world.”


How many times have many of us been in a stressful situation at work, home or even a doctors or attorneys office and looked at a living plant and gotten a bit of calm or comfort from just the visual sight of a green, living, healthy plant? Or out walking or driving and admired a beautiful garden or planting or even a simple tree in winter just for itt’s shape? This is “biophilia” at work!

We can help put this concept to work for you anywhere, anytime, any season. Our services are not just limited to your inside spaces, but outside as well. Garden plantings, containers (Our specialty), landscape designs and plantings, and cleanups, specialty pruning, and licensed consulting are some of our professional specialties.

Indoors, we offer plant installation, design, consulting and maintenance. Insect and disease monitoring are part of our plan also. New ideas such as “Living Walls” provide beauty and function by providing natural screens and noise pollution control. The “right plant for the right place” is our motto and we choose wisely for any situation.

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We love to share our knowledge and success stories as well as live and learn from our failures. We are willing to teach others by speaking to groups and organizations. and we always, YES ALWAYS(!!!), talk to the plants – sometimes sign and dance too!

So if you looking for true professional to enhance any of your “biophilia” love, we can share our green thumbs! You wouldn’t hire a plumber to roof your house so why trust a novice to care for living investments? You will be glad you made plantscaping a part of your “green life”!

Authored by the Plantscaping Crew.

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