10″ Hanging Baskets


Acalypha Chenille Plant,Red Hot Cattail’ ak-uh-ly-fuh
10” Square
Arching branches of large green heart shaped leaves produce deep red blooms that resemble tassels of chenille.

Bacopa ‘Big Falls Series’ bah-koe-pah
10” Square
A cascading flow of large flowers throughout the season. Superb branching trailing habit. Keep well-watered during hot spells. Offered in solid colors of blue, pink or white or a combination of all three.

Begonia Baby Wing be-go-nee-a 
10” Square
Upright, maintenance free, mounded plants have small glossy dragon-wing shaped leaves. Heat tolerant.
Bicolor, pink, red & white.

Calibrachoa ‘Aloha Series’ kal-ih-bruh-KOE-uh
10” Square
Aloha varieties bloom in great profusion of exquisite flowers, with strongly branched compact trailing growth habit. Bloom from early spring until late autumn.

Coleus KOE lee us 
10” Square
The Whole Enchilada: A balanced combination of dark ‘Flame Thrower Chili Pepper’ and green ‘Flame Thrower Salsa Verde’.
New Great Falls: Multi-colored trailing variety.

Dorotheanthus Mezoo dor-uh-thee-AN-thus
10” Square
Variegated foliage with dime size rosy red flowers. Very vigorous and easy to care for.

Geraniums jer-ay-nee-um
Geranium baskets have long been the standard for hanging baskets in the industry. We offer a wide range of
varieties and beautiful color for long lasting summer color. Fertilize regularly. Remove faded blooms.

Assorted Mixed Varieties:
10” Square
We have created many new and exciting geranium combination baskets.
Lavender and Pink, Lilac and Neon, Lilac and Pink, Pink and Salmon, Red and Lavender, Red and Orange, Red and White.
Burgundy and Lavenders:
New Calliope Light Lavender: Large double true lavender.
New Calliope Pink Flame: Bright pink double blooms with darker pink centers.
Cumbinata Lilac: Large lilac, double flowers.
Sarita Lilac Splash: Intense lilac pink with a dark red center. Semi double.

Caliente Coral: Large single, hot coral.
Caliente Orange: Large single, bright orange.
New Calliope Orange Splash: Double orange-red
New Calliope Scarlet: Double red-orange.
Sarita Fire: Semi-double, salmon coral.
Sarita Wild Salmon: Semi-double, salmon with scarlet overtones.

Caliente Pink: Large single, pink.
Calliope Crimson Flame: Double, deep red base with hot pink edges.
Calliope Hot Pink: Double, rose-pink.
New Calliope Rose Mega Splash: Super showy pink petals with a rose starburst.
Sarita Neon Sizzle: Semi-double, deep rose blooms with a thin pink margin.
Sarita Pink: Semi-double, shell pink.
Sarita Punch: Semi-double, hot pink.

Caliente Dark Red: Semi-double, dark red.
Calliope Dark Red: Semi-double, dark red.
Sarita Dark Red: Semi-double, dark red with dark foliage.
Sarita Sunstar Red: Semi-double, intense pink and red combo.

Caliente White: Pure white.

Lobelia lo-beel-ee-a
10” Square
Assorted colors and varieties of flowing plants that hold thousands of blue or white fan-shaped flowers. Great for light shade. Keep moist for best performance, especially in the hot days of summer.

Mixed Foliage
10” Square
Frosted Greens: Dainty white flowers of euphorbia diamond frost, dark muehlenbeckia wire vine and variegated
yellow /green gold child ivy.

Sweet Potato Salad: A beautiful mix of ipomoea Sidekick Heart Lime (nice lime green foliage) and Sidekick Heart Black (dark chocolate foliage).

Wired: Dorotheanthus Mezoo, dark muehlenbeckia, and bridal veil.

Pansy Cool Wave:
10” Square
You won’t believe the flower power! Vigorous, unstoppable plants! Just 6 to 8 inches high, but trails an incredible 24 to 30 inches. Mixed colors.

Pansy Cool Wave Combination:
10” Square
Cool Wave pansies are well suited for growing in combination containers, we have combined them with nemesia and lobularia for a striking combination.

Petunia pe-too-nee-a
10” Square
Assortment of color and varieties. Cascading branches are covered with fragrant petunia blossoms. Great color and show for sunny areas over the entire summer. Loves lots of fertilizer. Colors include: Dark blue, purple, white, red, rose, lavender, pink, and more.

Scaevola skay-vol-a
10” Square
Cascading branches hold pointed, dark green leaves with blue, white, pink, or a combination of fan shaped flowers for color all season.

10” Square
‘Fragoo’ strawberries make an attractive, unique, and delicious hanging patio basket. Large pink flowers followed by sweet berries from spring until frost.

Sunny Annual
10” Square
Handpicked combinations to brighten your patios and outdoor spaces.

Tomato Tumbler
10” Square
Small 1” sweet Tumbler tomatoes cherry-type tomatoes weighing in at 1 ounce make for the ideal basket full of sweet fruit. Great for salads.