Achillea Desert Eve™ Terracotta

Achillea (Yarrow)   ah-KILL-ee-ah        

Desert Eve™ Terracotta:  This selection from the Desert Eve™ series has large, brownish-orange flower clusters that are good for cutting, fresh or dried. Remove faded flowers regularly to promote continued blooming. Yarrow is inclined to spread, so site this carefully or plan to reduce the clumps each spring. Easily divided in fall or early spring. Plants may be trimmed back hard after the first flush of bloom to maintain a compact habit. Heat tolerant.

Zone 4

Full Sun

Height: 14-18″/Spread: 14-18″

Summer to Frost 

Size Available: 1201

Achillea Desert Eve™ Terracotta


Achillea (Yarrow)   ah-KILL-ee-ah        

Common yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a perennial flowering plant that goes by many names, like gordaldo, poor man’s pepper, and thousand leaf. In the southwestern U.S., you’ll hear it referred to as a plumajillo, Spanish for “little feather” due to the feathery shape and lacy texture of the plant’s aromatic leaves. Common yarrow’s native propagation originated in the temperate regions of Asia and Europe, and it was introduced to North America during the colonial era. It is commonly seen growing across the United States in dry, disturbed soil.

Drought-tolerant common yarrow grows well in poor soil, making it an ideal plant for xeriscaping, especially if you live in a desert environment. While this plant is technically considered invasive only in non-cultivated settings, common yarrow still needs to be planted in an area where you don’t mind proliferation. Yarrow prefers a garden plot that receives full sunlight, as these conditions will help it stay compact, yielding many blooms. Once established, common yarrow is drought-tolerant. During periods of natural rainfall, cease watering altogether, especially if you’re getting up to, or more than, 1 inch of water per week.