Aegopodium Variegatum

Aegopodium (Snow-on-the-Mountain)   ee-guh-POE-dee-um

Variegatum: This variegated goutweed is one of the most popular ground covers for quickly covering large areas. It will rapidly form a continuous mound of attractive foliage typically growing to 8″ tall with an indefinite spread. Unfortunately, once it gets going, it acts like the proverbial snowball going downhill and can be difficult to contain. ‘Variegatum’ is less aggressive than the species, however. Variegated foliage is light green with creamy white margins. Flowers appear above the foliage in May-June but are not particularly attractive and are often sheared off by gardeners.

Zone 4

Part Sun to Full Shade

Height: 6-15″/ Spread: 18″- Infinity

Spring to Frost

Size Available: 1201

Aegopodium Variegatum


Aegopodium (Snow-on-the-Mountain)    ee-guh-POE-dee-um

Goutweed is an aggressive plant in the Apiaceae family that forms dense patches by means of it’s spreading long, white and branching rhizomes. Goutweed can be found growing naturally in much of the U.S. It’s natural habitat is disturbed lands such as felled forests, abandoned fields and pastures. Typical patches form a dense canopy, creating a ground cover that is very low maintenance.  Often, the vigorous spread will not produce flower-bearing foliage if the site is under dense shade. Full sun may cause the leaf edges to brown.