African Daisy Spring Flash Orange

African Daisy          

Spring Flash Orange: 

African Daisy Spring Flash Orange is an ideal plant for hot, dry areas. Easily grown and drought tolerant, Spring Flash Orange makes a great ground cover with a compact growth habit and is excellent for the border. A prolific bloomer with bright orange flowers that are accented with dark centers, this colorful annual blooms spring through summer in full sun and light, well drained soil with a height of 10 inches.

Full to Part Sun

Height:  10-12”/Spread:  14-18”     

Spring to Frost

Size Available: 1204  

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African Daisy                             

In its native South Africa, the African Daisy bursts into bloom when the spring rains come although in gardens plants bloom copiously all summer. Like many of the plants in the daisy family from South Africa, it’s tough enough to live in hot, dry conditions but a modicum of moisture will bring out stellar blooms. Plant African Daisies in beds or borders where full sun is available. They will tolerate growing in dry rock gardens, borders, beds and containers.