Agastache Poquito™ Butter Yellow

Agastache ah-GAH-stah-kee      

Poquito™ Butter Yellow:  Showy dense heads of butter yellow flowers from spring to fall. With its low, compact and bushy habit, Poquito™ Butter Yellow makes a great border perennial or use in mixed beds. A great pollinator plant and drought tolerant once established.

Zone 5

Full Sun

Height: 10″/Spread: 15″

Summer – Fall

Size Available: 1 Gallon

Agastache Poquito™ Butter Yellow


Agastache   ah-GAH-stah-kee      

Agastache is a perennial plant with lovely flower spires that bloom all season long. The Agastache flower is commonly found in purple to lavender, but may also bloom in pink, rose, blue, white and orange. Growing Agastache as a drought-loving perennial actually produces the best plants! An Agastache plant is tolerant of low water and poor nutrient conditions but provides you with a color display and enduring greenery for months. Pollinators from near and far will flock to this pollen heavy plant.