Alchemilla mollis Thriller

Alchemilla mollis Thriller (Lady’s Mantle)  al-kah-MILL-ah

Vivid golden yellow flowers held on stems in open, airy sprays above the scalloped, shiny, gray-green leaves. It’s creeping habit and form is valuable for edging a border or along flagstone paths. Charming in troughs or pots. Perfect for cottage gardens. Cut flowers are lovely in dried floral arrangements.

Part Sun to Part Shade

Height: 18-24″/Spread: 24″

Early to Late Summer

Size Available: 1 Gal



Alchemilla mollis Thriller (Lady’s Mantle)  al-kah-MILL-ah

Alchemilla mollis, the most widely grown of its genus, is available in an improved form that is neater and more upright than the species. A. mollis, or Lady’s Mantle, is part of a genus of about 30 plant species, mostly natives of the mountains of Europe, Asia and North America. The leaves are kidney shaped and flowers are frothy clusters of greenish yellow that appear in early summer. The long-lasting blooms are a soft, sensuous shade that blends remarkably well with a range of colors. Lovely with hardy Geraniums, Japanese Iris and Nepetas and any of our summer-blooming Azaleas. It also looks sensational massed on its own, creating an effect that can be sunny or demure depending on the light and surroundings. Alchemilla mollis generally prefers partial shade, but will grow happily in full sun in the North provided the soil remains evenly moist.