Alocasia (Elephant Ears) Sumo (NEW)

Alocasia (a-loh-KAH-see-uh)

Alocasia are stunning tropical plants with arrowhead-shaped leaves. The leaf shapes can vary from slim arrowheads to wide heart-shaped leaves that have colorful veins and a variety of textures: thick, waxy, slick, and glossy.



NEW Sumo:

Size Available: 2-Gal                          Height:  5-6’/Spread:  3’                    Foliage Accent

This easy grower reaches 5-6’ the first year. The dark, upward-pointing, green leaves are huge

up to 3-4’ long when fully mature – and they reach 2.5’ across. The back sides of the leaves are

light green with purple veins and highlights.