Arabis Little Treasure™ Deep Rose

Arabis (Rockcress)  AIR-ah-bis

Little Treasure™ Deep Rose:    

Rockcress is a widely planted rock garden or edging perennial used for a bright spring display. This selection forms a mounding cushion of gray-green leaves, bearing masses of fragrant, small, vibrant rose-pink flowers from early to mid spring. Drought tolerant once established. Requires good drainage, particularly in the winter months. Shear plants lightly after blooming in order to maintain a bushy, compact habit.

Full Sun

Height: 5-6″/Spread: 18-20″


Size Available: 1801



Arabis (Rockcress)  AIR-ah-bis

Mountain rock cress is a highly popular garden perennial. Its tiny flowers look beautiful in various arrangements and they make the yard look brighter. What’s more, the plant is easy to grow, so it’s perfect for beginner gardeners as well. Clusters of dainty blooms combine with evergreen foliage to bring color, fragrance and soft texture to the harshest planting sites. This mounding spreader thrives in poor, dry soil, heat and wind. A light shearing after blooming is all the effort it takes to keep this Arabis looking great. Perfectly sized for rock gardens and border fronts. Best planted in groups.