Argyranthemum Grandaisy® Yellow

Argyranthemum  ar-ji-RAN-the-mum

Grandaisy® Yellow:

Early-blooming annual rallies cheering crowds of extra-large, extra-bright yellow 2″ daisy-like flowers with honey-gold brown eyes. Full, vigorous plants light up the landscape with big radiant blooms. Stunning in large pots, dazzling as cut flowers.

Full Sun 

Height: 12-14″/Spread: 18-22″   

Spring to Fall

Size Available: 1201   


Argyranthemum  ar-ji-RAN-the-mum

A cool-season favorite for springtime gardens, argyranthemum is a delightful annual flower with daisy-like blooms in cheery Easter and springtime colors. In addition to its pretty blooms, argyranthemum has dark green, ferny foliage and grows in a tidy mound, adding lots of garden interest even if it doesn’t have any flowers on it. And like most flowers in the daisy family, this one attracts butterflies and other pollinator insects. Grow sun-loving argyranthemum in garden beds and borders as well as in container gardens with flowers such pansy, viola and flowering kale.