Compact plants bloom throughout the season. Dark green deeply cut foliage. Daisy-like blooms make an excellent choice for the garden. Great for containers.

4 inch
Height: 20-36″   Spread 12-15″
Proven Winners Product. Spectacular bright lemon-yellow daisies all season; heat tolerant; excellent garden performance. Even under hot, dry conditions, these plants produce such a mass of buttery daisies that you can hardly see the deep green foliage.

Grandaisy Series:
1 Gallon
Height: 20’   Spread: 20″ 
Really easy and popular plant to grow producing masses and masses of extra-large flowers with a central halo measuring 2 1/2″ across provide outstanding color impact.
Pink Halo: Super large pink flowers with a striking rose-pink ring around the eye.
Yellow: Bright yellow with a brown center.

Madeira Series:
4 inch
Height: 12-18”   Spread: 12-16”
Exceptionally vigorous and strong, forming a flowering ball-shaped bush with an abundance of large flowers. Excellent for use in the border, specimen or in containers.
Primrose: Soft pastel yellow.
Red: Magenta.
Deep Pink: Rosy pink.
White: Pure white.