Aronia Low Scape Mound®

Aronia (Chokeberry)  uh-ROW-nyuh

Proven Winners Low Scape Mound®:

Low Scape Mound Aronia is a tough, tolerant, tidy little mound of glossy green foliage. In spring, it’s covered in hundreds of dainty white flowers and in autumn, the leaves turn brilliant red to contrast with dark purple-black fruit. The unique low-growing, mound-shaped habit of this new variety makes it perfect for mass planting as a ground cover or edging plant. Best of all, it thrives almost anywhere: cold climates and hot ones, wet soils and dry ones, sun and part shade. This native shrub will gracefully handle just about any landscape challenge you can throw at it!

Full to Part Sun

Height: 12-24″/Spread: 18-24″

Spring – Fall


Aronia (Chokeberry)  uh-ROW-nyuh

In recent years, chokeberry (Aronia) has gained renewed attention for its range of health benefits. Long a staple of Eastern European diets, this superfood has only recently been rediscovered in the United States, even though it’s native to woodlands, swamps and bogs of eastern North America. Chokeberry is a versatile low-maintenance shrub that can easily be grown in home gardens. With three-season interest, tolerance of a wide range of growing conditions and nutritious edible fruit, Aronia makes an invaluable addition to any landscape.

Aronia is one of the toughest, most durable shrubs and needs little care. If you wish to prune, the best time is immediately after it blooms. However, be aware that this will remove the potential for any fruit to form.