Begonia, Tuberous



Nonstop® Begonia:
4 inch
Height: 8-10”    Spread: 10-12” 
The  offers large double flowers that provide a visual showcase in low light areas. Large bright green leaves. Great in beds, containers, and baskets. One of the showiest shade flowers. Proven Winners Product.
Deep Red: Deep dark red.
Pink Soft pink.
Yellow: Bright yellow.
Deep Salmon: Orangy-pink.
Mocca Cherry: Rosy-red with chocolate foliage.
Mocca Deep Orange: Orange with dark foliage.
Mocca Mix: A mix of colors with chocolate foliage.
Orange: Bright Orange.
Rose: Cherry red.
White: Clear white.

Baby Wing:
4 inch
Height: 18″   Spread: 15″
Luscious, shiny green leaves on upright stems. Perfect as a bedding plant, in containers and hanging baskets.
Pink: soft pink.

Dragon Wing™:
1 gallon
Height: 12-14”   Spread: 18-24”
Lovely green, angel wing leaves Ideal habit for the landscape, containers and awesome hanging baskets. Extremely heat tolerant. Very vigorous. Proven Winners Product.
Pink: Abundant bright pink flowers all summer.
Red: Covered in rosy-red blooms.