Berberis Sunjoy Neo®

Berberis (Barberry)  ber-BUH-ris

Proven Winners Sunjoy Neo®:

Blazingly bright! Sunjoy Neo® barberry boasts vivid orange foliage that stands out in the landscape. No worries about this plant blending in to the surroundings. Sun-loving and durable, this barberry is resistant to deer and unbothered by pests and diseases. It naturally grows into a nice, rounded shape that’s right at home in the landscape or flower garden.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 30-32″/Spread: 28-30″

Spring – Fall


Berberis (Barberry)  ber-BUH-ris

Berberis (Barberry) is a genus of ornamental, evergreen or deciduous shrubs that include about 400 species, the majority of which come from the temperate zones of East Asia, with the remainder coming from North and South America. Barberries have small yellow or orange flowers, waxy red to purple berries and dazzling foliage covering the full spectrum of fall colors and spring greens, making them one of the most beautiful and unique shrubs. Ranging in size from compact to tall, they are a great choice as low ground covers, pretty medium-sized hedge or tall, sturdy screens.