Bidens Campfire® Flame

Bidens BY-denz  

Proven Winners Campfire Flame® Bidens:

Like the glow of a flame from a campfire, reddish orange petals radiate out from deep yellow centers creating an intense pop of color contrast to the cooler green foliage. If the brilliant color of the Bidens Campfire® Flame doesn’t grab you, this continuous bloomer with flowers that stay open for long periods of time fading only to allow more blossoms to push forward will. From spring to fall, you will enjoy this heat loving annual in your part to full sun garden.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 8-14″/Spread: 10-16″

Summer to Frost

Size Available: 4.25


Bidens BY-denz                            

An annual, the bidens plant started with simple yellow blooms, but it’s now available in various colors. Most commonly grown as a trailing or groundcover plant, bidens are also available in more upright types that work wonderfully as a bedding plant in the ground. This tough annual can keep blooming through some genuinely rough conditions. Once they’re established, bidens plants are quite drought tolerant. While they can tolerate drought well, they appreciate regular watering when possible. A too-long period of drought can affect their blooming potential. For the best blooms, plant Bidens in full-sun. While they can tolerate part sun, it’s not advisable as they won’t bloom as well, and the overall plant habit can become leggy and unappealing.