Buddleia Lo & Behold Ruby Chip®

Buddleia (Butterfly Bush)  BUD-lee-uh

Proven Winners Lo & Behold Ruby Chip®:

Finally, a butterfly bush with the neat habit of the “Lo & Behold” series and the jaw-dropping color intensity of the “Miss” series! Lo & Behold Ruby Chip® butterfly bush brings together the best of both, with a tidy 2.5′ size and dozens of magenta-ruby flower spikes. Fragrant and long-blooming, it keeps putting out fresh flowers without the need to deadhead. Perfect for flower gardens or landscapes.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 30-32″/Spread: 30-32″

Summer – Fall


Buddleia (Butterfly Bush)  BUD-lee-uh

Buddleia are flowering shrubs that produce colorful flowers in late summer and fall. Their distinctive blossoms are displayed in long panicles at the end of the branches. Commonly known as butterfly bush, the flowers have a honey-like fragrance and are rich in nectar. This makes them highly attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds, moths, bees and other beneficial insects. There are many different cultivars of buddleia and flower colors range from white and yellow to orange, pink, violet and purple. In the past, buddleia were only available as tall plants with an average height of 7 feet or more. Plant breeders are now introducing many shorter cultivars that are easier to accommodate in the average home garden.