Caladium Heart to Heart® Raspberry Moon

Caladium kuh-LAY-dee-uhm

Proven Winners Heart to Heart® Raspberry Moon:

Who needs blooms with foliage like this? If you are looking for a showstopper for shade, look no further. Raspberry Moon Caladium will pump up the drama in your sun-challenged spaces. Each bold spade-shaped leaf is an ever-fascinating explosion of color, with red, pink, white and green swirling and splashing like river currents.

Partial to Full Shade

Height: 15-20″/Spread: 10-14″

Summer to Frost

Size Available: 1 Gallon


Caladium kuh-LAY-dee-uhm

Caladiums are colorful annuals with colorful, heart-shaped leaves native to tropical forests in South and Central America that have pronounced wet and dry seasons. Caladium bicolor, a Brazilian species, is the most common of several species in this genus in the arum family (Araceae) that are used as ornamentals. Although they are only hardy to zone 9 or 10, they are easily grown as summer “bulbs” or as houseplants. This is an “old-fashioned” plant, having been in cultivation in Europe since the late 1700’s, used for its dramatic foliage. The leaves generally have prominently colored midribs, contrasting margins, and patterns including mottled, veined and striped, in various combinations and shades of green, white, pink, rose and/or red. There are no stems; the leaves are borne on long petioles which arise directly from the underground tuber.