Caladium Heart to Heart Rose Glow


  • Heat Tolerant
  • Houseplant Adaptable


  • Hardiness Zones: 10 11
  • Height: 12 – 18 In
  • Spread: 10 – 14 In
  • Habit: Upright
  • Foliage Color: Pink-Green
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Rose Glow is a fancy-leaf hybrid with medium green leaves. It has a bright, flamingo pink center and frosty white halo. As it matures, leaves develop white main veins that contrast well with its pink/rose background. Due to its stature, it makes an excellent border to intermediate plant in the landscape and a thriller in containers. 

  • 15-20 inches tall and 10-14 inches wide
  • Annual except in zones 10-11
  • Requires partial to full shade

Care: If you live in a northern climate, be careful not to plant too early in spring as temperatures below 60 degrees F will chill and stunt plants. Caladiums like to be moist at all times so avoid allowing them to dry out. Fertilize at ¼ – ½ strength every week throughout the season.

Houseplant: Caladiums can also be grown as houseplants where they prefer bright light or a sunny window. Keep the temperatures above 65 degrees F for best growth and leaf size, and a pebble tray or frequent misting can help to keep the humidity up around your plants.

According to the ASPCA, caladiums are toxic to animals if consumed.