Calamagrostis Caspian

Calamagrostis kal-uh-muh-GRAHSS-tiss

Feather reed grass. One of the most widely used and valued ornamental grasses. Usually upright and tall.



New  brachytricha ‘Caspian’: kal-uh-muh-GRAHSS-tiss ˜  

                              Zone 4                                   Height:  4’/Spread: 24”                      Bloom Time:  August-November

One of the few flowering grasses that is happy in the shade. Foliage and flower plumes are always ready to catch the slightest breeze. Fluffy pink bottlebrush plumes mature to a light tan and are wonderful for cut flowers or as an everlasting.

Foliage turns butter yellow in the fall.

                              1-Gal-I    7-28329-41000-2