Felicia Cape Town Blue

Felicia  fell-EE-she-uh

Proven Winners Cape Town Blue:

Another winner from our South African friends, this superb true-blue daisy is more compact and free-flowering than older varieties. Yellow centers and blue petals make this a spirited addition to containers or beds. Heat tolerant and sun loving.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 8-12″/ Spread: 10-12″

Late Spring to Frost

Size Available: 4.25



Felicia  fell-EE-she-uh

Felicia daisy (Felicia amelloides) is a bushy, South African native valued for its bright masses of miniature blooms. Felicia daisy flowers consist of showy, sky-blue petals and bright yellow centers. Butterflies are attracted to the vivid blue blooms. This hardy plant revels in hot, dry climates and doesn’t perform well in wet soil or humidity. Felicia daisy is often known as blue daisy or blue kingfisher daisy. The plant is grown as an annual in most climates. Where summers are cool, Felicia daisy often blooms from late spring until autumn. Although Felicia has a somewhat fragile appearance, this durable, pest-resistant plant requires very little maintenance.