Carex (Sedge) Blue Zinger

Carex (Sedge)   KAH-reks

Blue Zinger: Taller and bluer than the straight species, the drifts of steel blue clumps make a spectacular display in the shade. The softly cascading foliage of Carex Blue Zinger will create a pleasing addition to your garden as it bends and sways with the warm summer breezes.

Zone 3

Part to Full Shade

Height: 12-18″/Spread: 24-30″

June – July

Size Available: 1 Gallon

Carex (Sedge) Blue Zinger

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Carex (Sedge)   KAH-reks

The genus Carex is a member of the sedge family and is a large genus with over 1,000 different species found throughout the world. They are a part of the same family as Cyperus papyrus, the plant the ancient Egyptians used to make paper. They look like grasses, but botanically are called sedges because of certain features. A little rhyme goes “sedges have edges…” because some of them have sharp cutting edges and the stems make a triangular cross-section. Also, unlike the ornamental grasses, the flowers of sedges are generally insignificant, so they are chiefly foliage plants.

Carex form clumps or tufts of grass-like foliage which comes in a range of colors from greens, blues, yellows, browns, oranges and some striking variegations. Because they are evergreen they are great choices for year-round interest in the garden and they also make fantastic container plants either as a focal point or an accent.