Caryopteris Beyond Midnight®

Caryopteris (Bluebeard)  kare-ee-OP-ter-is

Proven Winners Beyond Midnight®:

Dark and dreamy! You’ll love this new caryopteris – it has extremely dark, glossy foliage, a compact habit and deep blue flowers. It adds much-needed color to the late summer landscape and makes a handsome companion with perennials. A great favorite with pollinators of all types!

Full Sun

Height: 24-30″/Spread: 24-30″

Early Summer – Fall


Caryopteris (Bluebeard)  kare-ee-OP-ter-is

Whether you know it as bluebeard or blue mist, Caryopteris x clandonensis is one of the few plants that produce genuinely blue flowers. An accidental hybrid of C. incana and C. mongholica1it has since been bred to produce several popular cultivars. The compact size and soft gray foliage make blue beard plants a good choice in any size garden. Depending on the climate, these plants are grown either as deciduous shrubs or woody perennials that die back to the ground each winter. Growing from neat low mounds, the narrow silvery-gray leaves resemble those of willow. Small, pale blue flowers cover the plant from midsummer into fall. Caryopteris plants should be planted in full sun areas for the best blooms. They will tolerate some shade, although flowering will be somewhat reduced. Blue beard may bloom later in the season if they are planted in a shady location.