Celosia Dracula

Celosia (Cockscomb)  sel-LOW-shu

 Dracula: Dark foliage topped with velvety, blood red, 6-7” ‘crested’ flowers make a dramatic display. Dracula celosia adds interest and appeal to your landscape in a variety of ways. They are low maintenance, very colorful and drought-tolerant.

Full Sun

Height: 16”/Spread: 18-12”             

Summer to Frost 

Size Available: 1201 


Celosia Dracula

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Celosia (Cockscomb)   sel-LOW-shu                                                                       

A real show stopper! Celosia is a member of the amaranth family and is a very common plant in summer annual gardens due to their ease of care and wide array of flower structures and colors. The name Celosia originates from the Greek word for “burning” due to the flame-like flower heads. The species used for flowering annuals is believed to be native to the Mediterranean region or East Africa and also commonly known as “woolflowers”.  A kaleidoscope of color whether you plant the plumed type, upright spires or the crested type with its unique twisted form. The flowers are beautiful in fresh bouquets or the flowers can be easily dried if hung upside down.