Chasmanthium Northern Sea Oats Grass

Chasmanthium Grass  kaz-MAN-thee-um   

Northern Sea Oats:  Attractive, bamboo-like foliage and dangling, flat flower spikes create a showy accent around water features. Foliage turns coppery in fall, brown in winter. Provides a haven and source of food for birds and wildlife. Handles wind like a champ! Thrives in moist sites, yet quite tolerant of dry conditions when grown in shade settings.

Full Sun to Part Shade

Height: 36″/ Spread: 24″

Late Summer

Size Available: 1 Gal


Chasmanthium Grass  kaz-MAN-thee-um   

Chasmanthium latifolium, a clump-forming, upright, ornamental grass, is a Missouri native plant which typically grows 2-5′ and most often occurs in rich woods or rocky slopes along streams and on moist bluffs. This grass is perhaps most distinguished by the flat, drooping seed heads which hang in terminal clusters on thread-like pedicils from slightly arching stems. Seed heads will flutter when caressed by even the softest of breezes. Seed heads emerge green but turn purplish bronze by late summer. Bright green leaves (5-9″ long) turn a coppery color after frost and eventually brown by winter. Excellent for dried flower arrangements.