Cimicifuga Chocoholic

Cimicifuga (Bugbane)   si-mih-sif-YOO-ga

Chocoholic:  The bronze-purple foliage of this native cultivar will satisfy your craving for rich dark foliage. Its towering height adds elegant architectural interest to the back of any shady border. Fragrant mauve-pink bottlebrush spikes lighten to white. Cimicifuga Chocoholic provides a lacy, airy backdrop for its late summer spires of fragrant flowers. Prefers a consistently moist site for best habit. Good in groups or as a specimen.

Part to Full Shade

Height: 48-50″/Spread: 30-34″         

Late Summer to Fall

Size Available: 1-Gal  

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Cimicifuga (Bugbane)   si-mih-sif-YOO-ga

Also called bugbane and black cohosh, cimicifuga is a long-lived woodland plant. Grow it with other woodland perennials such as phlox, tall species of fern, astilbe and angelica. Cimicifuga is especially eye-catching when it rises high above a hosta grouping. Cluster three to five cimicifuga plants together for an impressive show over a large area.

Native to the edges of woodlands in eastern North America, Cimicifuga performs best in partial shade and moist, organically enriched soil. Some direct sunlight is required to draw out the purple coloration in the foliage. Water supply should remain constant throughout the spring, summer and autumn. Cimicifuga takes a few years to get established and reach maturity. Mature clumps should not be disturbed.