Clematis Sweet Summer Love

Clematis  klem-MAT-is

Proven Winners Sweet Summer Love:

Sweet Summer Love is an easy to grow and maintain clematis with great hardiness for Idaho climates. Another award winning, vigorous clematis option! It produces small but profuse cranberry-violet flowers in July and August, sometimes into October, depending on weather conditions. Like most clematis varieties, it has a range of uses from ground covers to specimen to trellis/screens. It’s also desirable to butterflies.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 10-15’/Spread: 6-10′

Summer – Fall


Clematis  klem-MAT-is

Clematis is one of the best perennial vines for the home gardener. These plants dress up any kind of structure they climb with their flowers that come in an array of shapes and colors. Bloom time ranges from late spring to fall, depending on the type and variety. You can even plant these vigorous vines alongside sturdy woody plants such as roses, trees or shrubs to act as a living trellis. Whether it’s a summer-blooming variety with large, showy blooms or a fall-blooming type of clematis with hundreds of smaller flowers, these vines make a stunning statement. The most common clematis are the open-face blooms that reach as large as 7 inches across. Blooms also come in small, bell-shaped blossoms with outer petals that dangle like little lanterns. Some blooms have a pleasant fragrance. The swirling masses of fluffy seeds add textural interest, too.

Climbing Clematis will grow on almost any structure that provides clasping points for the vines to grasp. Chicken wire, a trellis or fencing materials provide good support. The more contact points, the better to make sure the vines will be secure during storms and with strong winds.