Cleome Señorita Rosalita®

Cleome   KLEE-owm

Proven Winners Señorita Rosalita®:

Senorita Rosalita® Cleome produces beautiful, light purple blooms on long slender stamens that resemble spider’s legs. Spider flower plants grow best in full sun locations. These long blooming beauties are heat and drought tolerant and attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Senorita Rosalita® is sterile so will put all of it’s energy into making blooms, not seeds.

Full Sun

Height: 24-48″/Spread: 18-24″

Summer to Frost

Size Available: 1 Gallon


Cleome   KLEE-owm

The cleome flower, sometimes called spider leg or spider flower, is named for its tall, leggy appearance and the shape of its leaves. Flowers of the cleome plant are intricate, large and showy. They may be bi-colored in pink or lilac colors with white or they may be only one of these colors. Flowers of the cleome plant bloom in summer and may last until frost occurs. Once established, they are drought tolerant and hold up well during summer’s scorching heat. Deadheading of spent flowers encourages longer bloom time. Planting cleomes in the vegetable garden helps attract beneficial insects and may deter some of the bad bugs which damage crops.