Coleus (Specialty Types)



4 inch

Height: Varies   Spread: Varies

A wide range of colors and textures. Great in a variety of situations from bedding to containers. Light shade may be beneficial in hot locations.

Chocolate Covered Cherry: Rose center surrounded by mahogany and a thin green margin.
Inferno: 28″ tall. Bright lime yellow with an irregular green line in the center. Very uniform and well branching.
Main Street Ruby Road: Deep red maroon centered with bright pink edged with green.
Wasabi: Neat sharp edges and a pungent chartreuse color. 36″ tall.
Mighty Mosaic:Bold colors in unique, mosaic patterns of reds, greens and yellows.
Pineapple Surprise:Iridescent tricolor leaves with chartreuse and burgundy hearts marbled with chocolate brown.
Wildfire Blaze: Lacy, fire-engine red leaves that are surrounded by a yellow edge.

Kong Series:
1 gallon
Height: 18-22”   Spread: 22-28”
Kong coleus is the king this season. Grows tall with a well-mounded, compact habit. Boasts huge leaves in bold coloration’s. Performs best in full shade. Exceptional mass planted in beds or use as a superb accent in containers.
Red: Rich red center, strong veining, and bright green edge.
Lime Sprite: Lime green with a rose interior.
Scarlet: Huge leaves that are dark red with veins trailing out to the chartreuse edges.