Container Accents


Our Container Accent line has some of the best plants available for adding to baskets and containers. These plants have proven to be great sellers and are sure to create quick impulse sales. From sun to shade, bowls to baskets, this collection makes it easy for your customers.

Tiny white flowers and deep green leaves cover trailing vines. Prefers partial shade. Great for baskets and trailing over containers. Do not let Bacopa become dry or they will abort all their blooms

Bidens: Yellow Charm
Masses of brilliant yellow flowers all season.

Summer long bloomers that will fill a basket or container with simple delight. Compact narrow foliage along trailing stems that are covered with tiny flowers.
Pink: Large Pink flowers with a branched, compact growth habit and elegant trailing foliage.
Orange: Coral to orange flowers with a semi trailing habit.

Dichondra: Silver Falls
Rounded fan shaped silver-stemmed foliage with a cascading habit. Drought and heat tolerant. Perfect for baskets and containers. Airy, delicate look.

Dracaena: Spikes
Foliage that provides height and interest.

New Eucalyptus: Baby Blue
Grown primarily for its spectacular silver-gray foliage in cut or dry arrangements. Round leaves are very aromatic.

Evergreen, waxy, leathery ivy plants provide season long foliage accents for containers and baskets. May also be grown indoors

Needlepoint: Green pointed lobes with an elongated central lobe.

Ralf: Green, rounded leaf ivy that is a great foliage accent in containers and baskets.

Blue: Cascading stems with tons of blue fan flowers. Thrives in hot, full sun and will bloom from spring to late fall.

Verbena, Obsession Cascade Series:
Flower clusters appear along trailing stems. Lacey, glossy green foliage adds to the beauty of the container they are placed in.
Pink Shades: Dark pink center fading to soft pink edges.
Purple Shades w/Eye: Violet-purple with white center.
Red w/Eye: Ruby red with a white eye.
Scarlet: Dark solid red.

Vinca: Major Variegata and Maculata
The longest trailing plant we carry for containers. Cascading vines provide beautiful variegated foliage the entire season.