Cordyline (Spikes)



Red Sensation:
1 gallon & 2 gallon
Height: 4’   Spread: 3’
Dramatic show of long, dark red-purple sword-like leaves are the hallmark of this vigorous grower. Fabulous specimen for container centers or in the garden. Proven Winners Product.

Torbay Dazzler:
2 gallon
Height: 4’   Spread: 3’
Bright, multi-colored, narrow, sword-like leaves. Vibrant ribbons of green and creamy gold, reddish highlights near the center.

2.5 inch, 4 inch, 1 gallon & 2 gallon
Height: 18-24”   Spread: 6-8”
One of the most sought after plants for container centers. Long, spear-like green leaves radiate from a central stalk making it a stunning vertical accent.

Dancing Can Can:
1 gallon
Height: 4′   Spread: 4′
Colorful weeping striped foliage emerges pink and red, maturing to cream and green. Mixed beds, borders, containers and as a houseplant.

Design-A-Line Burgundy:
1 gallon
Height: 3′   Spread: 3′
Cascading, rich burgundy, grass-like foliage. Ideal for containers.

Electric Star:
1 gallon
Height: 4′   Spread: 3′
Green and chocolate colored foliage forms an upright, arching clump.