Cosmos Apollo Mix

Cosmos  KOZ-mose

Apollo Mix:  A lively formulated mix of blush pink, purple and white flowers. Each color in Apollo Mix has been awarded the prestigious ‘Award of Garden Merit’ by the Royal Horticultural Society. The overlapping petal arrangement of Apollo Mix cosmos causes flowers to be rounder, tidier and longer-lasting than other cosmos. The dense, feathery 18-26″ tall plants branch freely to fill containers and garden beds with a long season of color. Easy to grow, Apollo Mix cosmos shows a high tolerance to heat and a strong resistance to disease.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 24-26”/Spread: 22-24”     

Summer to Frost

Size Available: 1-Gallon         

Cosmos Apollo Mix

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Cosmos   KOZ-mose

Cosmos flowers are an essential for many summer gardens, reaching varying heights in many colors, adding frilly texture to the flower bed. Growing cosmos is simple and cosmos flower care is easy as well as rewarding when single or double blooms appear on stems reaching 1 to 4 feet.  Planting cosmos flowers results in many uses of the specimen, such as cut flowers for the indoor display and backgrounds for other plants. When planting cosmos flowers, locate them in soil that has not been heavily amended. Hot dry conditions, along with poor to average soil, are optimum conditions for growing cosmos.