Always a favorite because they are easy to grow as well as being a very colorful plant. Large, flat open flowers continue throughout the summer.

Apollo Series:
4 inch
Height: 26″    Spread: 24″
Old fashioned daisy-like flowers and tall stems that waft in the breeze. A cottage garden favorite.
Love Song: A delightful blend of pink picotee, white and pink.
Mix: A lovely mix of white, blush pink, and deep rose shades, on top of feathery foliage.

Purity in White:
4 inch
Height: 42”   Spread: 18”
Luscious silky pure white 6” flowers.

Comic Mix:
1204 pak
Height: 10″   Spread: 12″
These out-of-the-world cosmos will light up your beds, borders and containers. They produce loads of 2 inch double and semi-double bright, non-fading blooms in shades of orange, red and yellow.

Sensation Mix:

1 gallon
Height: 42”   Spread: 18”
Large single flowers, shades of crimson, pink, white float above feathery foliage.

Sonata Series:
1204 pak
Height: 24”   Spread: 15”
Large 4” open flowers attract butterflies all summer long on tall, upright stems with ferny foliage. Great as vertical accent.
Carmine: Magenta.
Pink Blush: Pink with a deep red blush at the end of each petal.
Mix: Carmine, pink, white.
White: White.

4 inch
Height: 29”   Spread: 16”
Early flowering, unique soft stunning yellow color with lighter edges. Ideally suited for containers, and also a true eye-catcher in the boarder.