Dahlia Dinner Plate Kelvin Floodlight

Dahlia Dinner Plate  DAHL-ya

Kelvin Floodlight: If you like yellow then you’ll love Kelvin Floodlight’s classic, butter-colored flowers that arrive dinner plate-sized, at up to 10″ across. Set against deep green foliage that comes in lush and thick, Kelvin Floodlight is a great way to add fast-growing color to beds, borders and containers. Brighten up the garden with this easy-to-grow favorite.

Full Sun

Height: 36-48”/Spread: 18”          

Summer to Frost

Size Available: 2-Gallon   

Dahlia Dinner Plate Kelvin Floodlight


Dahlia Dinner Plate DAHL-ya

Dinner plate dahlias are so popular because of their impressive huge blooms that can grow a bloom size of 10″ or more! Dinner plate dahlias will start flowering in early summer and continue blooming well into fall. Grow these tall, dazzling flowers at the back of your garden or border planting, surrounded by lower-growing dahlias or perennials. They are often planted against a fence, wall, hedge or raised bed. These dahlias are known to be a cut flower favorite that provide gorgeous blooms for summer bouquets. Dinnerplate dahlias deserve a prime location with all day sun and the best soil you can give them. Well-drained soil is essential. Dahlias thrive in raised beds and vegetable gardens. We offer 10 amazing color options in our Dahlia Dinner Plate series!