Dahlia (Dinner Plate) Myrtle’s Folly (NEW)



New  Dinner Plate:

Size Available: 2-Gal                         Height:  48-60”/Spread:  18”           Summer to Frost

Dinner plate dahlias are so popular because of their impressive huge bloom. They can grow a bloom size of 10″ or more! Dinner plate dahlias will start flowering in early summer and continue blooming well into fall. Grow these tall, dazzling flowers at the back of your garden or border planting, surrounded by lower-growing dahlias or perennials. They are often planted against a fence, wall, hedge or raised bed. These dahlias are known to be a cut flower favorite that provide gorgeous blooms for all summer dahlia bouquets.

‘Creve Coeur’: Brilliant crimson.

‘England’s Glory’: Rich purple shades with pure white tips and pointed petals.

‘Grand Prix’: Yellow blooms generously tipped in creamy white for a look that’s pure sunshine.

‘Islander’: Beautiful salmon pink.

‘Lavender Ruffles’: Breathtaking lavender with unique ruffled petals.

‘Mango Madness’: Bright orange blend with hints of salmon, gold and pinks.

‘Myrtle’s Folly’: Sunrise hues of pale yellow, coral and rose-pink.

‘Nick Sr’:  Fire engine red petals that twist and turn to reveal pale yellow undersides.

‘Show ‘N’ Tell’: Frilly, red-orange petals adorned with buttery yellow highlights.

‘Snowbound’: Elegant white flowers.