Dianthus Star™ Single Fire Star

Dianthus  dye-AN-thus

Star™ Single Fire Star:  Dianthus Star Single™ Fire Star Improved is a new improvement of a classic, tried and true, industry icon. Same amazingly iridescent, vivid, red single flowers with a bold central eye pattern. Increased flower count and more compact than the original, resulting in a closer matched collection. Flower stems are sturdy and do not flop. Deadhead and feed regularly to encourage fast repeat blooming. Bred for beautifully scented blooms and excellent garden performance. Pollinator magnet!

Full Sun

Height: 5-7″/Spread: 5-7″


Size Available: 1 Gal


Dianthus  dye-AN-thus

Dianthus barbatus (Sweet William) is a biennial or short-lived perennial that is often grown as an annual. It thrives in loamy, slightly alkaline soil in sun or partial shade in hot summer climates. The flowers grow in rounded, dense clusters. Colors range from white through intense red and purple, often bicolor. There are many cultivars available, including double-flowered and dwarf forms. The epithet ‘ barbatus’ refers to the barbed or beard-like growth arising from the petals.