Outstanding colors with great garden performance. They have a wonderful fragrance and are excellent to plant early in the spring with pansies.

Floral Lace Merlot Mix: 1202 pak
Height: 8-10″/Spread: 8″
Flowers are lacy with serrated petals. large, fragrant raspberry-pink and white flowers.

Telstar Series: 1202 pak
Height: 6-8”/Spread 10-12”
Naturally compact with a great branching habit. Free flowering with vibrant fragrant blooms.
Crimson:  Dark red.
Purple: Mulberry.
Salmon: Pastel soft salmon.
Scarlet:  Bright vivid red.
White:  Pure white.

Dash Series: 1 gallon
Height: 15-20”/Spread 12-14”
Long, strong, straight stems hold bright, fragrant blooms.
Crimson:  Dark red with a lighter red center.
Magician: ‘Magical’ flowers that open white and mature to shades of pink and rose.
Violet: Hot pink edge with a red pink center.
White:  Pure white.