Digitalis Candy Mountain

Digitalis (Foxglove)  dij-it-TAL-ihs

Candy Mountain:  A rare first! Candy Mountain is the first foxglove ever to have upward-facing flowers instead of the usual downward-facing ones. With this new angle, viewers can easily see the beautifully speckled throats of these rose pink blossoms. They are produced on very strong, strictly upright stems in early summer.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 36-48″/Spread: 24″


Size Available: 1 Gal



Digitalis (Foxglove)  dij-it-TAL-ihs

Within the Digitalis genus, there are several biennial, perennial and shrub species that all carry the common name foxglove, but the one most popular as a garden plant is the common foxglove—Digitalis purpurea. Common foxglove is a uniquely eye-catching plant, a tall, slender specimen with tubular blooms, often with colorful speckles. It is a fast-growing plant that generally flowers in its second season before dying. In its first year, the plant produces only a basal clump of foliage but in its second year, the plant sends forth 2- to 5-foot tall stalks lined with beautiful funnel-shaped pink, white, or purple flowers with white or purple spots lining the throats