Digitalis Dalmatian Series Peach

Digitalis (Foxglove)  dij-it-TAL-ihs

Dalmatian Peach:  This fast growing, first year flowering perennial foxglove received high scores in German trials. The flowers open a pretty shade of pinkish peach and then lighten to a soft peach color with tiny orange speckled throats. The basal foliage forms a compact clump and the plants are well-branched.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 36-48″/Spread: 24″


Size Available: 1 Gal


Digitalis (Foxglove)  dij-it-TAL-ihs

Within the Digitalis genus, there are several biennial, perennial and shrub species that all carry the common name foxglove, but the one most popular as a garden plant is the common foxglove—Digitalis purpurea. Common foxglove is a uniquely eye-catching plant, a tall, slender specimen with tubular blooms, often with colorful speckles. It is a fast-growing plant that generally flowers in its second season before dying. In its first year, the plant produces only a basal clump of foliage but in its second year, the plant sends forth 2- to 5-foot tall stalks lined with beautiful funnel-shaped pink, white, or purple flowers with white or purple spots lining the throats