Grass, Erianthis Ravennae (Hardy Pampas Grass)

Grass, Erianthus (Hardy Pampas Grass)   air-AN-thiss

Ravennae:  One of the loveliest ornamental grasses, superb as an architectural specimen or large accent. Foliage has a clumping habit; plant in groups to create a screen or windbreak. Long, showy, silvery white, silky plumes have gorgeous autumn coloring, persist into winter and are superb in fresh or dried floral arrangements.

Zone 4

Full to Part Sun

Height: 8-10’/Spread: 5-6′

Late Summer – Fall

Size Available: 1 Gallon & 2 Gallon

Grass, Erianthis Ravennae (Hardy Pampas Grass)


Erianthus (Hardy Pampas Grass)   air-AN-thiss

A good substitute for the true Pampas Grass, which is not hardy in colder regions. This forms a medium-size clump of olive-green leaves at the base, giving rise to very tall stems of silvery-white plumes in autumn. Plants have excellent fall and winter interest, particularly when grown as a specimen surrounded by lower neighbours. Great for cutting, fresh or dried. Trim to the ground in early spring. Clumps may be divided in spring before new growth starts. Drought tolerant once established.