Erysimum Canaries Yellow

Erysimum (Wallflowers)   ur-ISS-ih-mum

Canaries Yellow: Canaries Yellow is a compact, upright, bushy, often short-lived evergreen perennial with linear to lance-shaped, sparsely-toothed, dark green leaves and from spring to late summer, dense racemes of fragrant, bright yellow flowers from early spring into summer. Wonderful for mixed borders, containers and rock gardens.

Full Sun

Height: 10-12″/Spread: 8-10″          


Size Available: 1801   


Erysimum (Wallflowers)   ur-ISS-ih-mum

Erysimum, more commonly known as wallflowers, are spring to summer flowering plants that provide vibrant displays of color. Many varieties are hardy perennials and have attractive evergreen foliage, adding structure and aesthetic value to the garden even after the flowers have faded. These easy to grow plants are perfect for adding color and fragrance to borders and containers. Position in a sunny spot and enjoy months of flowers, from spring well into summer – and sometimes beyond!